Your laid-back personality is a great attribute, but it may make it more difficult for you to plan your nuptials.

By Tehrene Firman
December 15, 2017
Credit: Sarah Maingot

Having a Type B personality is a pretty great way to live. Your stress levels tend to be lower, you're creative, and you work hard without getting burnt out. The only problem? When it comes to wedding planning, it's easy to fall off track. To help you maintain that relaxed demeanor and still check wedding priorities off your to-do list, we're taking a look at the common habits Type B brides exhibit that may make planning your day harder than it needs to be. Ensure you plan your wedding like a pro by being mindful of these pitfalls associated with your personality type.

Decision-Making Speed

You often let others weigh in on important decisions, but when it comes to your wedding, too many outside opinions can make things messy. "If you find yourself getting too many opinions from others and are constantly changing your mind, make sure to keep your bridal advisory panel tight," says Kate Whelan, owner and lead consultant of Kate Whelan Events. "Take in the opinions, thank everyone for the suggestions, and make the final decision later when you've had a chance to mull over the pros and cons."


Type B personalities are almost toogood at procrastinating, but don't let that habit keep you from going about your wedding planning accordingly. "If you wait until the last moment to do most anything, you're going to cause yourself stress and will end up caring about things more than you thought simple because of the added pressure," says Ashley Douglass, owner and creative director of Ashley Douglass Events. "Tasks need to be done earlier than you'd think. For example, us planers get an abundance of calls from people panicking because they can't find a venue-and the same can be said for bands and photographers. Book early!"

Being "Too Relaxed"

There's nothing wrong with being relaxed, unless it gets in the way of things you need to get done. "If you find yourself wanting to keep things simple, remember that the most simple, comfortable, and pleasing experiences often take a lot of thought and consideration to make happen," Whelan says. "The more work you put in now, the less you will later-and on the day of."

Considering Details

You might want to keep your wedding as stress-free as possible, but that laid-back attitude might cause some chaos on the big day if you don't think everything through. "You may want the vibe of your ceremony to be chill and therefore are eliminating ushers, for instance, but keep in mind this often means a panicked, stressful experience for guests. You want to be sure that seats are reserved, that everyone ends up in the right spots, and that no feelings are hurt by having to sit in the back," Whelan says.


We've all seen those Type A brides with a color-coded binder of their wedding plans, but organization doesn't exactly come naturally to a Type B person. Sure, you can still keep those sky-high piles of paper on your desk and all your jam-packed junk drawers, but when it comes to getting married, you have to get your ducks in order. Stay organized with a Google spreadsheet where you can keep track of every cost, and make sure you're always checking priorities off your list. And, if you really don't want to have to plan everything by yourself, hire an expert-a wedding planner will make sure you're staying on top of everything.


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