It starts the night before!
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Want to look your best on your wedding day? Then make sure you feel your best first. To ensure you start your day off right, we asked Kimberly Snyder, a nutritionist and best-selling health author, to spill her secrets. Here, her five most important pieces of advice, including getting plenty of rest, exercise, and making smart meal choices.

Prep for Sleep

For quality z's the night before your wedding, focus on calming your senses. Turn off electronics about an hour before bed, and skip the late-night snack. "Try to have your last meal three to four hours before bed." Still awake? "Try a few drops of lavender, ylang-ylang, or citrus essential oil on your pillow."

Drink Lemon Water

To help keep your tummy settled, have a mug of hot lemon water when you wake, and sip a chilled version throughout the day. "Lemon benefits digestion and can reduce bloating."

Break a Sweat

"Exercise can improve circulation and boosts your mood, so allot time for a workout." No need to go overboard-a 30-minute yoga session, brisk walk with your 'maids, or solo jog will calm nerves and provide a healthy glow. Just allow plenty of cool-down time.

Get a Massage

"Massage helps relieve stress and promotes a better complexion." Hire a masseuse for a bit of pampering, or go DIY: "Mix coconut or sesame oil with hot water and massage your entire body in the direction of your heart before hitting the shower."

Eat for Energy

Simplify your meals so you feel energized and satisfied but not overly full. Try a green smoothie for breakfast, and for lunch, go for an all-veggie soup or a light, fiber-filled salad with avocado.


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