Because jet lag isn't fun—especially as a bride or groom.
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Having a destination wedding is exciting, but it does require one extra layer that can be pretty stressful: traveling. On top of getting ready-physically, emotionally, and mentally-for your big day, you may have another hurdle to tackle, and that's getting adjusted to a totally different time zone. This will naturally leave you feeling more worn down and tired, no matter how many hours you're sleeping, than if you stayed close to home. "The struggle to feel awake and refreshed is real. Plus, you're combining that with the week of your wedding, which can be stressful enough," says Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design.

If your destination involves a switch-up in time zone, even just a mere two or three hours, don't fret. Instead, follow these expert-approved tips for adjusting to the time change ahead of your big day.

Aim to hire all-local vendors.

Hiring vendors who live in your destination won't necessarily help you, but it will put your mind at ease knowing your team is on the right time zone. "This way, you're not doing wedding stuff all day to accommodate the vendors that are local to you and then the vendors and venue that are time zones away," adds Rothweiler.

Arrive a week early, if possible.

"We always recommend that our couples take the week of their wedding off, but in the case of a destination wedding, it's pretty much mandatory," says Rothweiler. "You want to adjust to the time difference well in advance of the actual wedding day, and you'll likely have things to do that week as well." Do yourselves a favor and schedule one day that's specifically for travel-no other appointments or meetings should take place on this day.

Schedule meetings with vendors in advance.

Rothweiler recommends asking your venue and vendors what their general availability is like ahead of your arrival date. In addition to being totally zonked once you get there, the last thing you'll want to have to deal with is adding unexpected to-dos to your schedule. "It's important to know how flexible a venue and vendor is, but especially in this circumstance," she says.

Schedule some rest time.

Who has time for rest and relaxation when you're about to get married surrounded by all your family and friends? You! And we're being totally serious. Especially when changes in time zones occur, it's wise to allot yourselves an afternoon at the very least to do nothing but relax or catch up on sleep. You'll be go-go-go once the wedding weekend arrives.


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