Plus, their sweet senses of humor.
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Grammy Awards 2017
Credit: Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Although Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been happily married since 1996, it's pretty clear their advice for a healthy marriage isn't completely aligned. The country superstars just sat down with Architectural Digest and played a new twist on the Newlywed Game. The way they talk about the keys to successful cohabitation tells us everything we need to know about their relationship.

When asked what the key to a happy marriage is, McGraw quickly quipped, "Just say 'yes ma'am' a lot." Hill's straight-faced reaction in the video clip shared by People was priceless, indicating she wasn't quite on the same page as her husband of 20-plus years. In fact, she shared a nearly opposite point of view when McGraw asked her the same question, laughing, "Not saying 'yes' all the time!"

In a longer video from Architectural Digest, the duo jokes about which of their significant other's items they would get rid of if they could (spoiler: McGraw jokingly suggests throwing out his wife's cellphone-an idea she clearly isn't a fan of). He then goes on to talk in a much more adoring tone about how Hill brightens every room she walks into before she in turn teases McGraw, saying the hardest thing about living with him is his tendency to miss the hamper with his dirty clothes.

All joking aside, this is one couple who's clearly still head over heels for each other. We can't wait to see more details (and songs) from their upcoming world tour and the new, joint album they're recording together!


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