More evidence that celebs plan the best tropical trips.
Jerry Ferrara and Breanne Racano on Bora Bora honeymoon
Credit: Jerry Ferrara via Instagram

Entourage's Jerry Ferrara and new wife Breanne Racano are currently kicking back in the beautiful Bora Bora. The couple, who got married last June, seems to be having the time of their lives. With plenty of Instagrams documenting their vacay, we can only sit and dream that we were there joining the festivities.

According to Instagram's location tags, the couple's relaxing at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, which is located in French Polynesia. The venue has the most gorgeous scenery, from bright blue waters to green, towering mountains. If this doesn't already look like it's straight out of a travel magazine, please peruse the rest of the snapshots.

Ferrara and Racano are living it up with plenty of vacation activities. For example, Racano posed drinking from a coconut, with a jetski in the background. They also took a sunny kayak trip, sat in an infinity pool, and sunbathed on the beach. How's that for post-nuptial relaxation? Like we said, this will fill your daydreams. Racano even joked that the two were on The Bachelor, showcasing her oceanfront dinner with her hubby.

Racano kept things bridal on the trip, wearing a white one-piece with cut-out sides. She also donned an adorable headband, giving major travel style inspiration. The pair got married on June 30th in Ohio, and that event was stunning too. Then, the bride wore a strapless gown, and setting was totally romantic.

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