Delicious Wedding Cookie Recipes for Creating Bite-Sized Treats for the Big Day

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Macarons, madeleines, meltaways, and more to make for your celebration.

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Serve up a cake, and cookies, too! After all, they are just as scrumptious, can look equally as striking, are easy to bake ahead of time, and—the big bonus—can be nibbled in between trips from the dessert table to the dance floor. Here, some of our favorite ideas.

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Shortbread Rhubarb Sandwich Cookies


Everyone knows you and your groom are cut out for each other; these monogrammed shortbread cookies, with a sweet-tart rhubarb filling, just drive home the point.

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Vanilla Meringue Morsels

They almost look too pretty to touch, but that won't stop guests from savoring these light-as-air treats by One Girl Cookies that are flavored with vanilla.

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Orange-Molasses Cookies


The dough for these orange-molasses cookies is firm, making it ideal to cut out in shapes like these silhouettes of the bride and groom. Serve them with coffee at the end of dinner, or wrap them up as favors for guests to take home and enjoy.

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Buttered Rum Meltaways


A dusting of confectioners' sugar dresses up these cookies that offer traces of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and rum to warm up any celebration.

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Rose Raspberry Macarons

Linda Pugliese

These patisserie beauties are a natural for any celebration. We sneaked rose water into the classic French cookie recipe and opted for raspberry jam filling to reflect the color of love.

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Orange Butter Drops


Cream cheese lends rich flavor and texture, while orange zest and shredded coconut provide a kick—and a lovely appearance—to these buttery morsels by One Girl Cookies.

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Lemon-Meringue Cookie Kebabs


A riff on the tangy pie, this trio of shortbread cookies, meringue kisses, and lemon marshmallows is meant to be eaten in one tasty bite.

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Coconut-Coated Cookie Recipe

Sarah Maingot

Coated in coconut, these bonbons resemble petite snowballs that deliver the taste of vanilla upon first bite.

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Gilded Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches


Thanks to a creamy frosting filling, these chocolate cookie treats come together to form super-sweet sandwiches that will add romance to any dessert table.

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Chocolate Mint Sandwiches


Offer a mouthwatering twist on the traditional wedding mint with this recipe that bakes the flavors into a tantalizing cookie creation.

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