Just when were you planning to spill on new hubby David Rooklin, Glazer?
Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin Wedding Photo

Is it quiet-wedding-announcement week, or what? As if we weren't surprised enough by James Franco and Alison Brie's new husband-wife status, another star recently tied the knot and we were all oblivious. Broad City's Ilana Glazer could stand to do some explaining-starting with this picture posted yesterday by friend and comedian Phoebe Robinson!

Super-Secret Celebrity Weddings

"Belated congrats to these beautiful [angels] on getting hitched," reads the caption. "You're truly #RelationshipGoals and inspire me." Um, what?! Glazer clearly got married, but we're left with tons of questions: Namely where, when, and to whom! Luckily, some digging shines light on all three.

Tagged in the post is a man named David Rooklin, who, according to LinkedIn, has a career in molecular modeling. He's been in Glazer's life since at least 2014, when the New Yorker mentioned him in a profile on Glazer and her Broad City co-star Abbi Jacobson. That samearticle recalled that Glazer "didn't feel comfortable" with the author interviewing Rooklin, so it looks like pair choose to keep their relationship private (hence the secret wedding).

There have been sneaky hints about the couple's ongoing status though, like this Instagram video from way back when. Oh, and a marriage report from late last month-one that we all seem to have missed! Metro was the first to catch wind of Glazer and Rooklin's wedding, reporting that it took place just a few weeks ago in February. According to their source, the ceremony was held at City Hall, but that's where the details end.

No word yet on Abbi Jacobson's involvement, but here's to hoping that Glazer made her on-screen soul mate a bridesmaid.


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