Another one of Tay's childhood BFFs just got engaged.

Taylor Swift's longtime bestie Abigail Anderson just got engaged, and if there's one thing we're more in love with than her picture-perfect engagement photo, it's the possibility of Tay being her bridesmaid or-gasp-maid of honor.

"Tonight I answered the easiest question I've been asked," wrote Anderson post-engagement, displaying her gorgeous ring in a sweet snapshot with her fiancé, Matt Lucier.

The bride-to-be has been by Swift's side since the beginning-she's even referenced as the singer's redheaded best friend in the early hit "Fifteen." Which begs the all-important question-what role will the star play in Anderson's wedding?

Famous Maids of Honor

As far as we're concerned, the singer has more than earned a spot in the bridal party, and these Instagrams prove why:

When it comes to big events, the two always celebrate together.

Take Anderson's 25th birthday, for example.

Or, you know, prom (basically the teen version of a wedding).

And just look how good Swift looks beside Anderson when she's rockin' some wedding white.

Besides, Swift's a pro at big roles. World's best godmother, anyone?

She's a seasoned wedding attendee …

… and-oh yeah-a certified MOH.

Proof That Taylor Swift Is the Happiest Maid of Honor

Fingers crossed the wedding party will be announced soon, and many congrats to the happy couple!


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