The actor told a reporter that he's "up to about [his] neck" in big-day preparations.

By Lauren Pardee
April 23, 2019
chris prayy katherine schwarzenegger standing by pool

Four months after getting engaged, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger finally stepped out together for their first red carpet appearance. During the couple's official debut at the premiere of Avengers: Endgame,Pratt candidly shared his feelings about wedding planning-and they're beyond relatable. "I'm up to about my neck, you know? That's pretty deep. That's up to about five-foot-something," the actor joked to Entertainment Tonight. "I'm in it baby, I'm in it. It's good. It's a good time!"

Despite the time-consuming prep work, it's clear that Pratt can't wait to marry Schwarzenegger. The star added that he and his fiancée are "very blessed" before mentioning how "good things are happening for [him] in life" right now. The star finished his interview by saying how he continues to "count [his blessings] every day." Luckily, Pratt has plenty of help planning his future nuptials; Schwarzenegger told People that her family is "really involved" and that "it's a great combination" of everyone's input, making for a "really fun" time.

Although the duo hasn't revealed any big-day specifics, a source close to the pair told People that they're hosting a "very intimate affair with just their closest loved ones." The couple doesn't want their day to be "a circus" and wants the focus to be on their "commitment to each other."

We do know, however, that Schwarzenegger may have found her wedding dress. Just two weeks ago, a source from E! News spotted the bride-to-be leaving a bridal salon with a garment bag in hand. The outlet also alleged that the couple might throw a winter wedding to accommodate everyone's busy schedules.


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