The last thing you want on your wedding day is peeling skin.
Credit: Richard Banks

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, and for most women that means having gorgeous, glowing skin. Unfortunately, time spent in the sun often leads to uncomfortable burns, especially when you've forgotten to re-apply your SPF. While using sunscreen regularly is the best way to prevent red skin, we know that burns happen to the best of us. That's why it's so important for every bride-to-be to know how to calm red skin fast. Here, four solutions to remedy that summer burn before your walk down the aisle.

Take a tea bath.

Tea has tannic acid, known to help soothe and cool sunburns, and catechins, great for repairing skin damage. While drinking loose leaf tea is great, applying the liquid directly to your sunburn will deliver fast results. Soak several tea bags in a pitcher of hot water and allow the tea to cool to a lukewarm or cool temperature. Dip a clean cloth into the tea and blot it all over your sunburned skin. Repeat this process as many times as you can to see overnight results.

Apply aloe vera.

Tried and true, pure aloe vera is the ultimate natural medicine for a painful sunburn since it contains compounds that reduce pain and inflammation. Just be sure to use pure aloe, either directly from the plant or purchased in natural gel form. Apply the gel generously to damp skin after bathing and let it dry before getting dressed. You'll see the best results if you continue to apply aloe vera every hour before bed.

Reach for the apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is an at-home remedy known to reduce pain and clear up several skin conditions. Dilute the apple cider vinegar in cool water, then use a clean cloth to apply the mixture to the burn. You can also try taking a cool bath with two cups of apple cider vinegar added to the water. The solution will bring your skin's PH level back where it's supposed to be and your skin will feel cooler.

Drink water and pop an ibuprofen.

Relieve any mild discomfort by taking an ibuprofen. Not only will it lessen the pain, but you'll also see a reduction in inflammation and swelling. You'll also want to rehydrate from the inside out-drink extra water, or grab a coconut water for an extra boost of electrolytes. Either option will help your skin to start the process of healing and repair.


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