Keep calm and comfortable throughout the festivities with these five tips.


Popular culture depicts bachelorette parties as rowdy, alcohol-fueled gatherings full of social interactions and bad decisions. In other words: an introvert's worst nightmare. Thankfully, not all bachelorette parties are rambunctious, and shy brides can take action to feel more comfortable throughout the event. Here, an introverted bride's guide to surviving the bachelorette party.

Keep the Guest List Small

Before sending out invitations, inform the host that you'd like to keep the head count to a minimum. Having too many people in a social gathering can feel overwhelming and draining to introverts, who usually prefer spending time with smaller groups of friends. Make sure to invite all members of the bridal party to the event, and take measures to ensure other friends not on the guest list don't feel left out.

Vocalize Your Concerns

Does the thought of dancing at the club make you squeamish? How about playing risqué games at a bar? Don't assume your maid of honor knows everything that makes you uncomfortable. If you would rather avoid certain activities at the bachelorette party, let your crew know before they start planning. Your friends will take note of your concerns, and you won't have to worry about any unwanted surprises throughout the night.

Choose an Activity That Fits Your Interests

Loud and crowded venues can inspire panic in those with introverted tendencies. Instead of spending the night bar hopping, choose another activity that's better suited to your interests. Consider ordering pizza and watching rom coms at someone's house, indulging in a spa trip, hiking on a nearby trail, or enrolling in a cooking class. Your friends will love spending time with the bride-to-be, no matter what the activity!

Skip the Destination Parties

As destination bachelorette parties become more common, many brides jet off to a faraway location for a weekend soirée with their closest friends. These days-long bachelorette parties probably aren't the best option for a shy bride, since she won't have alone time to recharge throughout the trip. If you're set on getting away for the weekend, consider booking a hotel room to yourself as a much-needed nighttime retreat, and plan fun activities that won't drain your energy.

Take Breaks

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break from the party. Go for a short walk outside, hit the gym for a quick workout, or retreat to a bedroom to play on your phone. After a few minutes of alone time, you may gain back some energy and be ready to socialize again.


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