Here's what to consider when choosing an outfit for the next spring wedding you're attending.

By Jenn Sinrich
March 18, 2019
summer wedding guests color coordinated
Credit: Adam Barnes

Wedding season is nearly upon us, and that likely means you'll be attending a number of celebrations in the upcoming months. It's an exciting time, but it's also one that can be tough on your wallet and wardrobe. If you're like most of us, the top question lingering in your mind is, "What do I wear?" Luckily, springtime is a relatively easy season to dress for-even when it comes to such a fancy occasion like a wedding ceremony and reception.

First, pay attention to the wedding details on the invite. "The invitation tells us everything we need to know about the wardrobe for the occasion," explains celebrity stylist Amber Padilla. "Keep in mind the location, the time, and the formality of the invite and couple themselves." Then, follow these expert-approved dos and don'ts for dressing stylishly and appropriately for all your spring weddings.

Don't: Choose a fabric that wrinkles easily.

"Although spring weather means you can start to break out lighter fabrics, it's best to avoid silks, satins, and linens that will easily wrinkle while you're sitting through the ceremony and dinner," says Padilla. No one wants to spend the evening worrying about whether or not their dress looks wrinkled in their photo booth snapshots!

Do: Consider the weather.

Spring weather is unpredictable-one day it might still feel like winter while the next might feel like the middle of summer. It also may change drastically throughout the course of the day, with the temperature quickly dropping in the evening. For this reason, Padilla recommends bringing a light cover up (that's not an afterthought, but instead complements your look) and carefully considering whether or not open- or closed-toe shoes makes sense. This last part is especially important if it might rain.

Don't: Choose something a dark and embellished for a daytime event.

If you want to bring a little shine to your look, it's important that you do so the right way. "Light-colored items with sparkle, like a pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry, are a nice addition to an otherwise simple look," says Nicole Russo, stylist and founder of Let's Get You. "But dark embellishments, beads, or sequins are best worn for an evening affair in the winter."

Do: Be daring with color.

Instead of wearing a traditional pastel color palette, Padilla recommends choosing rich, saturated tones that will stand out. She likes red, pink, green, and purple during the spring. Softer versions of summer brights are always acceptable, Russo says, and suggests choosing a dress in a shade of yellow, soft coral, pink, lavender, or even a light metallic. Just avoid any hues that could be worn by the bride-no white, eggshell, blush, or champagne.

Don't: Feel like you have to be predictable.

While florals are fun, Padilla suggests separating yourself from the crowd with a different pattern, like polka dots or solids with color blocking. "Different textures and embroidery are great ways to add an interesting element to a monochromatic piece for a standout look," she adds. Although stores may seem packed with floral prints, there's no reason why you have to wear one-unless you want to, of course!

Do: Play with silhouettes.

According to Padilla, there's no hard rule (unless specified in the wedding invite) that you have to wear a dress to a wedding. "Try a pant suit! The blazer is perfect to remove during the ceremony and put back on as you go into the evening. You could also wear a jumpsuit or a long skirt and top set," she says.

Don't: Forget to choose comfortable shoes.

While Padilla doesn't recommend a sneaker (unless you're wearing a floor-length ensemble) she does suggest a smaller kitten heel to give your feet a break. "The worst thing is watching everyone on the dance floor from your table because your feet have swollen up!"


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