This Texas bride was given the chance to find another perfect bridal gown.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Most brides will tell you that finding the dream dress is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Myrna Orozco, a bride-to-be from Texas, found hers-a now discontinued Pnina Tornai style-at Kleinfeld Bridal. Sadly, her wedding dress was destroyed in the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

"I knew that I lost a lot of things, but that was definitely the thing that hit me the hardest, because it was super special to me," she said of learning her wedding dress had been ruined in the storm. But with the help of Kleinfeld and Good Morning America, Orozco was given another chance to find her big-day look.

Kleinfeld provided the bride-to-be with over 20 new dresses to choose from. In the mix was one very big suprise: Pnina Tornai created a replica of the bride's original wedding dress. With her fiancé, Stephen Gallos, by her side, Orozco visited GMA to try on the new options. Although she made sure that her future husband wouldn't be allowed to see her final choice, he said he would be happy with whatever she chose. "No matter what dress, she makes it special, she's the one that I want to be with," he said.

With her mother, mother-in-law, and blindfolded fiancé by her side, Orozco revealed her new gown. She ultimately chose the very same dress she had lost in the hurricane, bursting into tears once she saw it was in the group of styles she could choose from. "This was my dream dress," she said. "They told me that it was discontinued, so I didn't expect to get the same dress. Everything that they showed me was beautiful, but when I saw it I knew."

Orozco and Gallos will get married October 28, 2017, so the opportunity to pick a new wedding dress couldn't have come at a better time. Although they lost a lot in the hurricane, Orozco says she's hopeful about the couples' new beginning. "I feel really blessed that we still get to celebrate our love."


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