Butterfly Seating Cards


The half-silhouettes of these cards make the butterflies seem as if they are fluttering over the table. To make seating cards like Laura's, choose a decorative stamp (the design should have a relatively smooth outer edge) and ink pads in a variety of colors. For the card, Laura started with cards that are approximately 3" across and 6" high.

Tools and Materials

Rubber stamps

Ink pads

3-by-6-inch cards (or similar size)

Bone folder


Craft knife

Butterfly Cards How-To

Ink the stamp and press it to the paper so most of the design extends above the halfway point of the card. Once the ink is dry, use a fine-tipped craft knife to cut around the design above the halfway point. Use the straightedge to guide the bone folder as you score the card across the middle, between the two long sides, around the butterfly; this will mark the fold line and give you a clean, neat fold.

When the card is folded, the butterfly will pop up. Fold the top half of the card backward away from the design, folding along the scored line. Use the bone folder to sharpen the crease of the fold. Write the guest's name and table number on the front.

See Laura and Ben's Wedding

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