You'll pose for literally hundreds of photos on your wedding day. How can you flash your best smile in every one? It just takes a little practice. The ideal grin is one that shows the upper teeth and not too much of the gums. Examine your smile a couple of months before your wedding, and give these tips a try.


Tilt your head a bit as you pose (above right). "Most people don't have perfect symmetry to their faces or smiles," says Elena Castaneda, president of New York Image Consultant. Your smile may be more flattering if you're not facing the camera straight on, she says. Look at photos of yourself and study the ones you like in order to see which angle best accentuates your grin.


Smile with your teeth slightly parted, about one pinky-finger-width apart, says New York City cosmetic dentist Jeff Golub-Evans. "If your top and bottom teeth aren't separated, your smile can look forced. This trick will help it seem more natural."


Run your tongue over your teeth to moisten them just before the picture is snapped. Doing so will make teeth sparkle.


Wear a creamy lipstick that has a shine to it. "It will reflect light and make your smile look brighter," says New York City cosmetic dentist Larry Rosenthal. "A matte formula will absorb light and may look too dark."


Practice your smile in front of the mirror for a few minutes each day, paying attention to how much of your teeth you show, says New York City cosmetic dentist Lana Rozenberg. When you find the most complimentary look, keep practicing until you can do it without thinking.

Trade Secret

New York City photographer John Dolan suggests you keep moving while being photographed so you'll look natural in wedding portraits. Holding the same pose for every shot can make your expression appear stiff.

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