To date, the most enjoyable part about this wedding planning process has been selecting the bridal party attire. Many find that surprising considering that our wedding party lives in different parts of the country. Bora and I live in New York and the wedding party, which consists of 4 people, is on the West Coast but in different cities and states. Bora has a best man and a best woman and I have a maid of honor and a man of honor, so I think that clearly shows you how cookie cutter this wedding will NOT be.

As for the men in our wedding party, Bora was adamant about them wearing European cut suits. He's not a fan of how "boxy" American style suits appear so he went all the way to Istanbul to find what he considers the perfect suit. When he came back he proudly displayed these stunning black tuxedos with impeccable details and great tailoring. They fit the vintage thematic so well and will look exceptional on our guys.


For the ladies, I began the process by pinning tons of ideas to the Bridal Beauty Diaries Pinterest board but then realized it may be a more seamless experience if I let them choose. My maid of honor Rebekah lives in Idaho and Bora's best woman Susan lives in California, so I knew it would be easiest if they each selected their own dresses. My only requirements were that the dresses be long, midnight blue, and, if possible, satin. As each of the ladies went on their quest to find their dresses they sent me pictures so I could be a part of the experience and I loved it! They looked so beautiful and happy, and I think having the freedom to choose their own dresses played a big part in that. In the end they found some incredible gowns, both very different. Rebekah chose this sweetheart cut with pleated details in the bodice and satin throughout. Susan chose an off the shoulder gown that hugs the waist and flatters her shape so well. The dresses they chose fit perfectly with the Cotton Club theme and will look sensational!


Now that I know what everyone is wearing I have already decided on their accessories. I definitely want the fellas to be black and white. Simply put, it's sharp, classic, and allows Bora to shine a bit more if he decides to wear a tux with more color. For the ladies I'm thinking as much sparkle as possible-dangling chandelier earrings to enhance the vintage inspired waves in their hair and silver rhinestone cuff bracelets to add some shine to their wrists. I've asked both ladies to be on the lookout for great jewelry because I'd love to get their input as much as possible. I don't want to be a "bridezilla" when it comes to every detail so any input or suggestion is welcomed and encouraged.

Six months to go and things are really falling into place and the same can be said about my Invisalign process. The time is flying by and since my last post I've become more responsible with taking care of my teeth and brushing after meals; I'd say I'd give myself a score of 8 out of 10 on that. It's not perfect but I'm certainly better than where I started!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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