Sometimes the Internet is a truly wonderful place.
Credit: Sam Yeldham

Last Saturday, photographer Sam Yeldham was out capturing the sunset as a storm rolled in at Bradley's Head in Sydney, Australia. That's when a newlywed couple walked into his shot to take photos with their wedding photographer.

"It was kind of ridiculous how well-timed the shoot ended up being. The rain stopped just as the sun was hitting the bridge and was only clear for fifteen minutes or so… the couple walked out over the platform and probably managed to get into one good pose before the wind and weather threatened to ruin the shoot," Yeldham told BuzzFeed.

Unfortunately, the couple dashed off before Yeldham could approach them to ask for their contact information. But that's when the Internet stepped in to help out!

After Yeldham's photo had gained some attention on Buzzfeed, a friend of the couple noticed and tagged the bride and groom on the original post on Instagram. The groom, Chris, who is currently on his honeymoon in Hawaii with his new wife Jess, commented on the photo, saying, "Hi @samyeldham you can call off the search! This is me and my wife @jessicapearson4!!! What a great photo! Thank you so much for reaching out. Can I get your email address?"

Credit: Sam Yeldham

Yesterday, Yeldham followed up with another gorgeous image of the pair and a thank-you note to the Internet for putting him together with the newlyweds.

"Thanks to the Internet my #Sydney Wedding snap traveled around the world to reach the very lovely newlyweds on their honeymoon! Thank you to everyone who shared or commented on the original #sunset photo, and to the happy couple for being totally cool with their wedding being plastered all over the internet," Yeldham posted.

Credit: Liv Style Photography

The couple's wedding photographer, Live Corbett of Liv Style Photography, updated her Instagram and Facebook pages with her own photos she shot of the couple from closer up, which are also rather amazing.

Credit: Liv Style Photography

She wrote on her Facebook page: "Incredible images captured at this stunning wedding on the weekend! Blessed with the most incredible sunset, this wedding day could not have been any more perfect! Such a stunning couple, I enjoyed capturing every part of their incredible day!"

See more of her wedding photos of the mystery couple here.


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