Credit: Formula Z/S

These pretty bags look festive enough to hang around as decorations before they're handed out as favors.

Tools and Materials

Flat glassine-lined 1/4-pound paper bags

Seam binding or other ribbon

A standard hole punch



Paper-Bag Garlands How-To

Choose sweets that won't melt or anything that is individually wrapped. Open a bag along side and bottom seams. Fill, then bring opposite sides of top together. Punch two holes 1/4 inch from edge and 1/2 inch apart; thread seam binding in a whipstitch over the top (thread through one hole, bring it over the top, and thread through the other hole), and knot. String twine along low tree branches or along an entrance as a garland; tie in bows. Untie bows when it's time to hand out favors.


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