See how this father fulfilled one of his last wishes.
Credit: Facebook/Tammy McHugh

Ken McHugh was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2010 at the age of 42. Even though the father of four has fought the disease for five years, his doctors recently recommended he stop chemotherapy.

"The doctors are hesitant to give an exact time frame, but they are saying this is the last turn of the season and to get anything done that he wants to get done," his wife Tammy McHugh told ABC News.

And on that to-do list? Walk his children down the aisle.

"Over the years he's begun to think of the milestones that he would sincerely miss and of course their weddings were a major thing that brought us much sadness when we thought about him not joining us," Tammy told Buzzfeed.

That's when Team CMMD, a Pennsylvania-based cancer foundation, stepped in to help fulfill that wish. On October 3, in what they're now calling "the family wedding," Ken walked his three teenage daughters and his son down the aisle as a symbolic gesture. He gave each of his children a handkerchief with blue embroidery that could be their "something blue" and a letter to open on their future wedding days. The McHughs, who have been married for 20 years, also renewed their wedding vows.

"We were all concerned it would be full of sorrow, but actually it turned out quite beautiful. We were happy and in the moment. There was so much laughter and love. It was a day of love," Tammy told Buzzfeed.

"The idea of a wedding, a graduation, a grandchild, or any of the children's achievements are such happy things that will happen in the future. I got a little taste what that might feel like as we celebrated last week," Ken wrote on the GoFundMe page where the family is raising money to help send the four kids to college.


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