Prepare for baby fever.
Lauren Conrad's baby announcement
Credit: Lauren Conrad via Instagram

Lauren Conrad and husband William Tell welcomed their son just last month, and now the family of three is officially going public. The Hills alum just sat down to share her new take on motherhood and son William "Liam" James' first photos with the world–and they are pretty adorable.

Conrad's first thoughts upon the arrival of her newborn? Spoiler: She thinks he's a cutie, too. "Before the delivery, I felt like I was getting ready for a blind date," she shared with People. "We considered doing the 4D ultrasound but then decided to wait. I just remember thinking he was so cute–and I was surprised by how tiny he was." Apparently The Hills star had been convinced she was having a nine-pound baby, and didn't even consider buying newborn clothes!

The couple also opened up about why they elected to find out the sex of their baby before he was born, although Conrad admits she "always hoped I would have a boy." "I don't really love surprises," explained. "I like to have all the information. And I was sharing my body with someone–so I wanted to know as much as possible about him."

But as excited as she was to find out the couple was having a boy, Conrad wasn't always sure she wanted to be a mom. "In my early 20s I was open to having [kids] or not having them. But after meeting William, I changed my mind. I knew I wanted to have a family with him," she said, adding, "I'm crazy about Liam, but I never really got baby fever. We wanted to enjoy being married and to really be in the right space. We took our time, so it was something to look forward to."

As for losing that baby weight? Conrad isn't concerned. "Spanx exist for a reason," she said. This is one new mom who has her baby-snuggling priorities completely in the right order!


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