The mind of a groom is an elusive place often masked by quizzical grins, blank stares, and aimless head nods. Oft indecipherable, this mystical realm can leave many brides-to-be in the dark to ponder each and every blink, turn of the mouth, and gesticulation as some form of insight: "Two blinks must mean he likes the flowers?"; "that downward grin is surely a sign he hates my rehearsal dinner dress?" In order to save brides everywhere from further angst upon interpretation, we've gone inside the mind of a groom to reveal exactly what he's thinking.

"I'm not a mind reader; just tell me what to do."

While you assume he'll just simply take the initiative and call the caterer, really, he has no idea this is what you want-he's neither clairvoyant nor as versed in the prowess of wedding planning. To save yourselves from an inevitable blow up, spell out exactly what you want him to take care of.

"Please, can you just leave the bachelor-party planning to my groomsmen?"

His best bros are going to throw him a bachelor party and since your friends threw you a bachelorette party, it's only fair that he gets a celebration, too. This is after all his only time to be the center of attention-all focus will be on you from here on out. And because he always does what you say, not having this party will just make him feel bad.

"What color are you talking about?"

That blush bowtie/cummerbund combo you want him to wear? It's pink, not blush or powder. Also there's no difference (in his mind) between bone, egg shell, cream, off-white, or antique white-it's white.

"Hello, I'm still here!"

Dress fittings, hair trials, meetings with the florist-the wedding process is the busiest time for a bride-to-be. In the meantime however, your guy might be feeling a little neglected. Though you've told him 100 times where you're going and what you're doing and why it's essential, he'll never understand. So throw the guy a bone every now and then-even if it means feigning interest in the latest corporate merger or golf game.

"Does that dress have an escape hatch?"

Once he sees you in your wedding dress, not only will he think you look like a goddess, but he'll be envisioning the best and fastest ways to get you out of it (all those buttons look like a lot of work). Don't be surprised if he asks you if there's a Velcro tear away feature.


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