All eyes will be facing forward before you walk down the aisle, so give them something arresting to look at (and create a memorable ceremony marker) with a customized backdrop. Murals Your Way will print any image you like—neoclassical facades, floral prints, abstract art—on coated paper or linen that's ready to hang anywhere.
Credit: Raymond Hom


  • Our downloadable clip art, or another design of your choice
  • For fabric and vinyl murals: wallcovering adhesive, paste, Gaffer's tape, or a C-stand.


  1. Download our free clip art.
  2. Visit and select "Create Your Own," then "Get Started."
  3. Enter your desired size (ours is 48 inches wide by 96 inches tall) and upload the design.
  4. Choose the material (we went with linen-embossed vinyl) and place your order.
  5. To install SmartStick (decal) murals, simply peel off the backing and press onto a premarked area of the wall. For fabric and vinyl murals, apply wall-covering adhesive, paste, or Gaffer's tape to the backside, then press onto a premarked area of the wall. Or, for a nonadhesive option, rent a C-stand to prop up the design.


Linen mural, $11/sq ft,

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