And American Idol planned it all.
luke bryan popping champagne
Credit: American Idol via Instagram

The American Idol cast has been busy taping the reboot of their show, but not too busy to take a break. While filming auditions in Savannah, Georgia, over the weekend, Luke Bryan learned that a wedding was happening a few minutes away, so the new judge decided to join the party. American Idol captured it all on camera.

"We heard that they're big fans of mine, so we're going to go have some fun and crash a real wedding, real quick," Bryan shared in the Facebook video of his shenanigans. Based on the clip, it looks like the singer was more than welcome. Guests started cheering when the star entered the reception, and during his stay, Bryan popped Champagne, danced with the bride and groom, and posed for photographs. To really embrace the occasion, his song "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)" was played.

American Idol also shared snapshots from the wedding on Instagram. "Couldn't let [Luke Bryan] leave Georgia without crashing a party," the show wrote. "Good thing there was a wedding next door to our Savannah auditions. Congrats McKenna and Austin!"

"I couldn't believe it," bride McKenna Neidlinger Lipski told People in an interview, before explaining how it all happened. "The American Idol producers called the venue manager and asked if it would be okay for Luke to crash our wedding reception," she shared. "The venue manager had to contact my mom to make sure we would be okay with it." Luckily, her mom said "absolutely."


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