Let's just say it wasn't as romantic as they had planned.
Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch

We can always count on Amy Schumer to keep it real-especially when it comes to her relationship with Ben Hanisch. The two recently celebrated their one-year anniversary with a romantic trip to Paris. Well, romantic was the goal, anyway.

"Neither of us had been to France because we're both trash," the comedian joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But things didn't exactly go as planned: Both Hanisch and Schumer got "violent" food poisoning. It might not have been so bad, but their small hotel room featured a very echoey bathroom.

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"Basically I was in there, just machine gun," Schumer said. "I knew it was over. I was in there yelling, 'It was so great dating you! I wish you the best luck. You're going to meet the greatest girl.' Who can make it through that? ... I was like the fountain on Friends. And that was when I learned not to throw up in a wicker basket."

Of course, they're not really over. In fact, Schumer and Hanisch have been going strong since they began dating. "He's very lucky," she joked to DeGeneres. "We met and neither of us were looking for anything, but we really liked each other right away. I liked him so much, I was like, 'I'm going to make him wait.' And I did, all through dinner."

To commemorate their recent one-year milestone, they posted very different sentiments on social media.

"A year ago I met the love of my life. We both weren't looking for a relationship at the time, but something felt right from the very first night we met," Hanisch captioned a cute picture of the couple. "We ended up spending 6 days in a row together. This pic was taken in New Orleans and was the night I knew I wanted to spend my life with her." Meanwhile, Schumer shared a less flattering shot of Hanisch and simply said, "A year ago today I met the love of my life. Happy anniversary fuckface. #Iwantoseeotherpeople."

Now with one year down, things seem to be going well. As Schumer puts it, "It's still early, we're still lying," but we'd say it surviving a bout of food poisoning together can only make you stronger.

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