Their love comes out in their work.
Mark Ballas and BC Jean
Credit: Julianne Hough via Instagram

Mark Ballas and BC Jean, of band Alexander Jean, got married in November and their celebration was a bohemian dream, inspiring like-minded brides and grooms everywhere. But other weddings aren't the only things their celebration inspired. The couple told People that their dreamy marriage has influenced their new music.

The couple's latest EP, High Enough, has been climbing the charts since its June release. Ballas, who's performed on Dancing with the Stars, talked to People about its muse. "We folded [our vows] and put them in a box I had, and we were talking about how cool it would be to write a song that was about [them]," he shared. From there, the song "Paper Planes" was born-it's "basically a metaphor for our love," Ballas said. The featured tune now has a music video, which includes footage from the pair's big day.

Despite the obvious perks of working together-great music and lots of side-by-side time-some couples worry about mixing so much of their lives. For Jean and Ballas, though, it just feels natural. "We're each other's muses," Jean shared. "For some people, spending that much time together doesn't work out well for them," she added, but her for and her hubby, "we're a balancing act. When one's down, the other picks them up."

Watch the duo's new video above and prepare to saw "aww."


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