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cutting wedding cake

Cutting the cake is a long-held wedding tradition during which the bride and groom pause the party so guests can watch them slice and serve dessert. While it's been done for many years, more and more modern couples are skipping out on a formal cake-cutting ceremony, preferring to leave guests on the dance floor and to have their dessert plated by the waitstaff instead. Which is the right decision for you? To help you decide, we asked experts on either side of the dancing vs. dessert debacle to break down the pros and cons.

Pro: Grandma will love it.

"With so many non-traditional elements these days it is nice to have something that parents and grandparents know to be very special," explains Sunna Yassin of Bash Please. To make it even more sentimental, Yassin suggests newlyweds use a cake cutter that's been passed down within the family or gifted to them by a relative.

Con: It might break up the groove.

"I am a planner who knows how important dancing is at a wedding so I try not to interrupt dancing time," says Tara Angelopoulos of Dream Makers. Plus, once your DJ or band has a sense of what music gets the crowd going, you won't want to mess with a good thing.

Pro: It's good luck if you do.

"The cutting of the wedding cake is symbolically the first thing that the bride and groom do as a married couple," explains Meagan Warren of Meagan Warren Weddings. "It's also supposed to bring good luck to everyone that eats it-so it's better to cut and serve it earlier in the evening before some may leave." With this schedule in place, you'll be able to give this long-held tradition some attention without interrupting things when dancing reaches a fever pitch later in the night.

Con: Some have short attention spans.

After a ceremony, speeches, and a couple of cocktails, your guests' attention spans may be waning. If you'd prefer to let guests do their thing, Angelopoulos suggests cutting the cake in a less central location so you can still have photos without pulling people off the dance floor.

Pro: Give 'em a break.

Yasmin was quick to point out that stopping the festivities to cut the cake gives your band or DJ a few moments to relax and recharge so they can give the rest of the party their all as the night rages on. They may not be the ones on the dance floor, but they're working hard to ensure everyone else is!


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