Grooms, take note of what not to do.
Engagement Ring dropped in river
Credit: Inside Edition

For those planning an adventurous proposal, here's one helpful tip: Don't propose near a body of water. Why, you ask? You may end up dropping the ring and never finding it again, which happened to this Maryland couple! Isaiah Adams decided to surprise his girlfriend, Grace, while the two were hiking through the Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, Maryland. A beautiful place to propose...until it wasn't.

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Isaiah popped the question near a waterfall in the park, which totally caught Grace by surprise. She clamped her hands over her mouth and nodded yes, and went in for a hug and a kiss (awh!). She takes the ring from the box and is about to put it on her finger when things went downhill. She dropped the ring on the ground and watched in horror as it bounced into the waterfall! From the video, you can hear the person behind the camera scream, "Oh my God!" and run to help find the ring. As you could imagine, the ring was never found.

"I was crying with happiness but then I was crying with fear all at the same time," Grace said in a video to Inside Edition. "I looked up and his face was just shock." Though an unfortunate ending to the proposal, the couple is excited to move forward with planning their wedding and is expecting plenty of lost ring jokes at the celebration.

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