Bridal Shower Invitations We Absolutely Love

bridal shower invitations ashley slater
Ashley Slater

Planning an amazing bridal shower starts with finding the perfect invitation. Since the bride doesn't usually plan this party, it's (typically) up to the maid of honor, bridesmaids, or a close friend or family member to select stationery the woman of the honor is bound to love. Being tasked with this particular responsibility, though, can feel daunting—there are just so many pretty invites out there! Luckily, we're here to help.

The following bridal shower invitations, combined with your knowledge of your bride's style and taste, are sure to set you on course. From watercolor pastels and graphic prints to classic calligraphy and tropical motifs, these sweet notes are sophisticated, but still feel fun enough for this light-hearted fête. After all, that's what a bridal shower should be—a fun-filled party for the soon-to-be bride and her closest girlfriends. An on-theme or on-trend invite can set that easy-going tone and get her girls even more excited for the big day.

The stationery you see here does just that. Many of them allude to the actual shower's aesthetic. We loved one shower invite's illustrated fruit and veggie details, which foreshadowed a farmer's market brunch. Another note, adorned with tasteful hearts and calligraphed in red and pink, was perfect for a shower that fell right around Valentine's Day. Whatever theme you have in mind—and whatever your bride's preferences—these paper goods are sure to inspire your bride and just might make you best friend of the year.

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Abstract Watercolor

bridal shower invitations arte devie
Arte de Vie Photography

Cotton candy hues and splattered watercolor paint represent rain showers—an apt metaphor for this particular party.

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Pineapple Print

bridal shower invitations kelly daniels
Kelly Daniels

Punchy pink invites look even prettier (and more on-theme!) in pineapple-stamped envelopes.

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bridal shower invitations katie pritchard
Katie Pritchard Photography

Give the party's paper goods a hint of shine by choosing holographic lettering.

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New Nautical

bridal shower invitations love and light
Love & Light Photographs

An oyster illustration and cerulean blue calligraphy make this nautical-inspired invitation feel fresh.

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Farmer's Market

bridal shower invitations lisa blume
Lisa Blume Photography

We're not sure what's cuter—this invite's watercolor squash, carrots, and beets or the veggie-printed envelope liner.

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bridal shower invitations megan kerns
Megan Kerns

This watercolor invite was inspired by the bride-to-be's favorite snack (berries!). Replicate the idea by hiring an illustrator to create a similar design for your own bride.

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Ice Cream

bridal shower invitations brklyn view
Brklyn View Photography

An ice cream cone serves as yet another bridal shower symbol. "She got scooped up" is the perfect way to preface a sweet-themed celebration.

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Cinco de Mayo

bridal shower invitations allison kuhn
Allison Kuhn Photography

We love this pale-blue invite with pastel-hued drips and gold edges, but we're obsessed with this skull cocktail napkin. If you're showering your bride around Cinco de Mayo, a skull motif is so on-theme—just be sure to follow up the invite with plenty of tequila-based cocktails at the party.

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bridal shower invitations katie pritchard
Katie Pritchard Photography

If you're planning on stocking her summer shower with flamingo pool floats and Monstera leaves, a tropical printed invite is the way to go.

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Pretty Plate

bridal shower invitations luna de mare
Luna de Mare

A table setting doubles as a cute crest on this brunch-themed card.

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bridal shower invitations mariel hannah
Mariel Hannah Photography

Little bunches of blooms bring the best of the garden to these simple invites.

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bridal shower invitations olivia suriano nancy ray photography
Olivia Suriano of Nancy Ray Photography

If your bride is a travel-enthusiast, dot her shower's stationery with her favorite buildings from all over the world.

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Little Garlands

bridal shower invitations danfredo
Danfredo Photos+Films

This triple garland detail is easy to replicate—simply hot glue tiny fabric strands (in three of her favorite shades!) to the top of an all-white note.

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Valentine's Day

bridal shower invitations lindsay hackney
Lindsay Hackney

Does her shower fall on or around Valentine's Day? Tissue paper hearts and a metallic gold cut-out are cute nods to Cupid.

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bridal shower invitations angela cox zion
Angela Zion

This invite proves that you don't need invites with flashy prints or bold colors to make a sweet impression.

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In Bloom

bridal shower invitations jay winter
Jay C Winter

This invite's big and bold blooms start off on the invite but finish strong on the envelope liner.

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bridal shower invitations shutterfreek

Little blooms, minimalist prints, and splashy colors make this suite feel perfectly contemporary.

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transparent save the dates
Kelsea Holder

Invite the girls out for a weekend-long shower with slabs of acrylic lettered in rose gold.

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Bold Prints

Abby Jiu Photography

We love how the assorted prints on this shower's paper goods—from the carnation-covered invite, to the striped envelope liner, to the leafy menu—all work together.

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