21 Compote Centerpieces That'll Upgrade Your Reception Tables

compote centerpieces pastel pink and purple bouquet with grey tablesetting
Jose Villa

When it's time to choose your wedding centerpieces, you want to consider what type of reception table dynamic you're looking for. If you're attempting to create a high-drama, big-impact floral arrangement, you'll likely go with sky-high, vertical arrangement. These types of displays might make your guests' jaws drop, but they do have one downside—they definitely limit conversation once all attendees have taken their seats. If you want to encourage across-the-table, mid-dinner mingling, smaller-scale centerpieces are a better option. Luckily, going small doesn't have to mean sacrificing that wow factor.

Enter compote wedding centerpieces. These particular displays are petite and typically arranged in a small bowl or short vase. The most defining element of a compote centerpiece, however, is its overall shape—circular, with close-together blooms that don't obstruct the arrangement's vessel (you can typically see it!). Though this essentially sums up this specific centerpiece style, there is, of course, room for customization. Take this short arrangement by Nicolette Camille, for example. It's moody dahlias and garden roses (the color palette ties the arrangement back to the earthy gray tablecloth!) are decidedly short, but a few strategically-placed tall buds add a moment of verticality.

Another way to bring a degree of personalization to these arrangements? Get creative with its vessel. Consider an antique bowl for classic celebrations, or a wooden iteration for a bohemian fête. This is also the perfect chance to incorporate a family heirloom (your "something old," perhaps?) into your wedding décor. Click through to discover the prettiest compote centerpieces to inspire your own.

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Pink and Red

compote centerpieces pink and red bouquet on wooden table
Jen Huang

Note the subtle draping effect used throughout this peachy-pink dahlia, red rose, and white scabiosa centerpiece from Fleuriste. The buds hanging over the side don't obscure the classic silver vessel, but also bring some major romance.

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All White

compote centerpieces white flowers against white backdrop
Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Peonies and verdant greens (this petite display was created by Compass Floral, Cavin Elizabeth Photography, and Farm Tables and More) look even fresher in a matching white ceramic vase.

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compote centerpieces muted color bouquet in gold compote
Rebecca Yale Photography

Searching for the perfect autumnal centerpiece? You've found it in this Emblem Flowers compote arrangement, featuring black cherries, chocolate cosmos, and snowberries.

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compote centerpieces small bouquet with orange flowers
Erich McVey

We know we said that compote centerpieces err on the smaller side, but this cheerful JL Designs creation is decidedly mini.

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Color Contrast

compote centerpieces pink roses and pale pink table setting
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

A burst of tiny yellow buds brings a pop of sunny color to an otherwise neutral centerpiece by April Flowers. We love how the arrangement's vessel—a stone planter that's taller than it is wide—proves that the compote shape can be achieved with a variety of different base types (not just a wide bowl!).

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Pretty Peonies

peony centerpieces alicia mink
Alicia Mink Photography

A bright pink peony defines this sprawling display by Joy of Bloom, which also features ranunculus, spray roses, dandelions, astrantia, and dahlias. Pro tip: Take note of the space between the blooms and the table—this clear gap is one of the most noteworthy elements of the compote centerpiece.

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White and Green

peony centerpieces the edges
The Edges

A polished silver urn is the focal point of this peony, tulip, and ranunculus centerpiece by Jacin Fitzgerald.

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kendall jackson wedding floral centerpiece
Jenn Emerling

Looking to add an edible element to your centerpiece? Low-hanging fruit (in the case of this Marigold display, kumquats!) are always an option.

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Late Summer

compote centerpieces deep red bouquet on round white table
Jose Villa

Most compote iterations are small and delicate, but this bold example from Nicolette Camille proves that they can run larger. A tilted base array of autumnal foliage also gives it a subtle asymmetricity.

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fruit and veggie centerpieces gaetz photography
Gaetz Photography

Flared stems add structure and volume to an otherwise petite (and autumnal!) berry, mum, and peony centerpiece by June Bloom Events.

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Antique Bowl

summer centerpieces jen huang
Jen Huang

Dress up your on-display vessel with touches that speak to your wedding theme. Take this KD&J Botanica arrangement's planter bowls, which were distressed with subtle moss staining (a nod to the garden party!).

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Hints of Purple

summer centerpieces matteo crescentini
Matteo Crescentini

Love the compote style, but are planning a modern fête? Consider something like this Jardin Divers creation, which reads as contemporary thanks to its rose gold base.

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Light and Bright

summer centerpieces love and light
Love & Light Photographs

With a color palette (pink and purple!) this pretty, why wouldn't you want to put your centerpiece on a (small) pedestal? We love how Twisted Willow Flowers elevated this arrangement of bright clematis, peonies, and roses.

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Dark and Wintry

Alixann Loosle Photography

This classic shape can cater to the most fashion-forward blooms, à la this Urban Chateau Floral astilbe, maple leaf, dahlia, rice flower, rose, baby artichoke, hypericum, and snowberry arrangement.

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Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Centerpiece
Clayton Austin

Now here's a centerpiece unlike all the rest. A mix of dried and fresh blooms, the rustic brown-toned spray is also situated in an etched wooden vase—a cool, contemporary touch.

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hana olu wedding centerpiece fruit
Patrick Moyer

If floral centerpieces aren't for you—and you're tying the knot in the middle of the harvest season—consider arranging fruits into a compote shape, as seen here in this Oak & the Owl option.

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KT Merry

Bring neutral compote centerpieces (like these by Dina Touwani of Flora Lines) to the forefront by enunciating their base—pair the vessels with matching candlesticks for a cohesive pop.

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KT Merry

Here's another example of the dramatic compote. This dynamic creation by Sarah Winward included Beatrice garden roses, Carmel Antique Garden roses, chocolate cosmos, and fall foliage including beech leaves and hops vines.

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Jacqueline Campbell

We're just as married to the classic interpretation of the shape, though. This preppy piece by Twigg Botanicals incorporated acacia, freesia, amaryllis, stock, spirea, roses, ranunculus, and ferns, and was the anchor of the table.

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Winter Motifs

winter wedding centerpieces rmaggie grace photography
Maggie Grace Photography

Make like Just So. Event Floral and work the very best winter elements into your wintry wedding floral décor. Even better? Arrange all of those motifs into a round, compote shape.

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