But it was "a long road" to get there.
Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz
Credit: Katie Maloney-Schwartz via Instagram

After watching four seasons of Vanderpump Rules, you might think that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's marriage would have its ups and downs. But, after three months of marriage, the newlyweds are saying it's the total opposite. "It's just been easy," Schwartz said in an interview with E! News.

"There is an overall shift in the dynamic in a way that the pressure is off," Maloney said. "We're just starting the rest of our lives together, and it was a long road to get here so I think we're just kind of embracing that we've overcome so much and remain committed and in love and we're happy." Schwartz looked over at his wife, smiling and calling her statement sweet. "I'm glowing, basking in marital bliss," she said.

"It's easy like a Sunday morning," Schwartz added. "I know marriage can be hard and you have to work at it, but it's been easy."

As for their wedding, which was in Northern California on August 17th, Maloney looks back and has no regrets. The bride made sure that every little detail was figured out before the big day so she could truly enjoy it with Schwartz. "I remember during our reception, standing there and looking around at everyone and everything and it just felt like a fairytale," she said. "This is truly the best day of my life."

"I don't use this word lightly, it was bliss," Schwartz added. "It was perfect. I had the best surprise of my life happen there. I want to tell you but I can't."

Oh, the suspense! We'll have to wait until the wedding episode airs on Bravo to see what surprise is in store.

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