A table arrangement of grains celebrates the bounty of fall. In addition to wheat, which symbolizes a fruitful life, this textured display includes other dried grasses (available at crafts stores), so it can be made weeks ahead. The final flourish? A luxurious satin bow.

Centerpiece How-To

To make each centerpiece, you'll need about a hundred stalks (six bunches) of dried grass and wheat.


1. Bundle 15 or so stems together at a time (they're easiest to handle if you secure bundles with floral tape about 4 inches below grain pods).


2. Hold between thumb and forefinger at an angle. Add bundles, in a spiral as shown, until all are used.


3. Wrap with floral tape (choose a color that matches your ribbon). Trim ends with floral pruner (cut center tips shorter for a stable base). Tie a wide ribbon over tape.


Tool for the Task: Colored Floral Tape

This handy tape, which becomes sticky only when you stretch it, and then adheres only to itself, is now widely available in a variety of shades. That means it blends beautifully into boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces such as this one.


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