The big question is: Should you throw one together or host two separate parties?

While bachelor and bachelorette parties tend to be most common among heterosexual couples, there's no reason same-sex couples can't also partake in this tradition. Any excuse to get your closest friends together for a weekend of eating, lounging, adventuring, and laughing is appealing to any couple. Here are a few tips to get you started with the planning.

You can throw your same-sex bachelor/bachelorette party together.

If you want to, that is. You can really go either way in regards to whether or not to share your bachelor or bachelorette party with your partner. You probably have tons of mutual friends and you'd love to celebrate your love with all of them, so it's great to combine forces for a party with the extended crew. If, on the other hand, you feel like you each have your own set of friends you'd rather party with, that works too.

If you do share one party, make sure it's personal.

If you're celebrating together, think of some things you love to do as a couple and base your bachelor or bachelorette party around that. If you're big music buffs, you might get a small crew together to hit the local music scene. Maybe someone can even pull strings for backstage passes.

Have an outdoor component.

Whether you're into rafting, kayaking, and hiking or you're more of the luxury-spa in-the-mountains type, incorporating some kind of outdoor component into the celebratory weekend is a must. Connecting with Mother Nature is always a good way to spend time with friends.

Plan a foodie extravaganza.

During the course of a weekend celebration, you'll need at least one major foodie experience. Whether that's a big cookout hosted by your best chef friend, a potluck picnic, a test kitchen experience, gourmet restaurant meal, or a cooking class is up to your discretion.

Do something you don't normally get to do.

If "treat yourself" isn't a common theme of this century, we don't know what is. Whether that means venturing out to some obscure hot springs a few hours away or taking your crew to a nice resort for the weekend, you might as well celebrate this monumental occasion in a way that's outside your everyday norm.

Learn something new.

Sign everyone up for a workshop or class that sounds interesting to you. It could be something as simple as flower arranging or as intense as an intro to Tai Chi. By sharing the experience of learning something new as a group, you can easily break the ice between any friends who are meeting for the first time and encourage camaraderie amongst those who've known each other a while.

Let someone else do the planning.

While you may be full of ideas of how you'd like to spend your bachelor or bachelorette party, it's best to let someone else handle the organizing so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying. Same-sex couples often turn to closest friends or siblings for this task.


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