Could an engagement be on the horizon?
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Holding Hands
Credit: Gigi Hadid via Instagram

It's no secret that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. The world practically imploded when the two started dating-there's so much star power in this one pair! Ever since confirming their relationship in February 2016, the It Couple has done everything together from photo shoots to music videos. Now the two seem to dropping hints that their relationship is getting more serious-we're talking a potential engagement!

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On Monday, Gigi was seen wearing a thin gold band on none other than the ring finger. Naturally, the new hardware sparked rumors that the two were headed for the aisle. After all, thin gold bands as engagement rings are very on-trend-especially for A-listers who might want to keep their engagement on the DL for a little bit.

Then, last night after leaving his girlfriend's apartment, Zayn was seen with a brand new tattoo on his right hand. The fresh ink says "love" written in script just below his knuckles-a pretty precocious choice if you ask us! So yeah, people are definitely freaking out about the possibility of an engagement.

Let's not forget either that these two have a history of supporting one another in everything they do, which is the foundation of a solid marriage. Gigi, who hosted the American Music Awards last year, made sure to wish her boyfriend luck and was there to cheer him on as he won the New Artist of the Year award. Not only are these two clearly smitten, they're committed to one another's success as well.

But let's not sound the alarms just yet. The two are still young-Gigi 21 and Zayn 24. Plus, both of their careers are on fire, which means time for wedding-planning is likely minimal.

Whether they get engaged in one month, one year, or five years, we'll still be dreaming of the undoubtedly gorgeous wedding these two will have until Gigi says "Yes!"

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