Spoiler: She's one happy lady.
Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman's Instagram engagement announcement

While we hear a picture is worth a thousand words, we don't mind it when celebrity couples decide to open up about their love stories as well as post about them! Revenge star Emily VanCamp just revealed her engagement to co-star Josh Bowman last week, and now she's sharing all the details on the big moment.

"It's literally only been a couple of days, but it's amazing," the actress said of the whirlwind week she's had since breaking the couple's engagement news, according to People. "I'm really happy!" The newly engaged couple have been the source of romance rumors since January 2012 and also played spouses during their stints on Revenge.

"It's been a crazy week," VanCamp added, referring to the combination of her engagement and learning her new show has been picked up as a pilot. "I found out about the show two hours after we got engaged so it was, like-I don't think I slept for three nights. It's been good, it's been really positive." It certainly sounds like the stars are aligning for this couple!

But while VanCamp admits wedding planning isn't even on her radar yet, she did share that Bowman's forest marriage proposal was perfect and that her new fiancé "did good." "We were in nature on a hike kind of doing what we do," she said. "It was very, sort of, us. It was great-beautiful." How sweet is that? And while we're always eager to hear wedding details, for now we'll settle for waiting for a close up of that gorgeous engagement ring! Congratulations, lovebirds!


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