Is your emergency kit ready?
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You've coordinated a bridal shower, thrown an amazing bachelorette party, and confirmed that all the bridesmaids have their dresses tailored and ready to go. Next on the agenda? Attend the ceremony rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Though this isn't your main night to shine, here are a few things the maid of honor needs to add her checklist.

Offer to help with any last-minute details.

If the bride has to pick up her ceremony programs from the printer or needs to drop décor off at the venue, you should offer to take this off her plate or at least join her to make the process go a little faster. If there are seating cards that need to be placed or last-minute changes that need to be attended to, the bride should know she can call on you for help.

Give a brief toast.

Though you may be giving a formal toast on the wedding night, you'll also want to raise a glass in this less formal setting. Feel free to adlib this speech or include some funny stories or memories you aren't planning to share on the wedding night. As there are typically a number of people speaking tonight, it's totally okay to keep this one on the short and sweet side.

Mingle, mingle, mingle.

The best thing about attending the rehearsal dinner is getting to meet all the people you've heard about from the bride and haven't met in person yet. Without all the timeline pressure of the wedding day, this is a great opportunity to have genuine conversations with the friends and family you've heard so much about.

Keep an eye on the bride.

As you'll also do on the wedding night, check in with the bride occasionally to make sure she's getting enough to eat and drinking plenty of water. You might also want to bring along an emergency kit with things like stain remover, bobby pins, hairspray, facial oil blotters, mints, tissues, headache meds, antacids, and anything else you think she might be looking for.

Make sure the bride gets some rest.

Your primary goal tonight is to make sure the bride gets to bed early enough to get a solid, restful night of sleep so she's fully functional for her big day. Whether that means hopping in a taxi together right after dinner or taking the shuttle to her hotel to tuck her into bed, do whatever it takes to have your best gal looking and feeling her best by morning.


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