Getting married outside or in the heat of summer? Here's how to stop perspiration on your big day.
Ways to Stay Cool on Wedding Day

If your wedding is outside, especially in the summer, it may be, well, warm that day. And it's possible that you may show it with some sweat. But not to worry, Florida-based wedding planner Georgette Casimir of Pea to Tree Events comes to the rescue with tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling cool, fresh, and photo-ready throughout the ceremony and reception.

Stay in the shade

Shade equals cool-and there's no shame in stepping away for a few moments to catch your breath and help prevent sweat before and throughout the reception. Keep this in mind when you're getting camera-ready, too. "Not only [will] taking pictures before the ceremony be ideal, but taking pictures in the shade would definitely help in keeping you looking nice," Casimir says.

Water, water, water

We can't stress this enough. Getting enough H2O on your big day is absolutely essential. In order to keep up with the hot sun for hours and hours, you'll need to keep hydrated. Not only will it prevent you from-err-passing out, but it'll also help you feel fresh and good throughout the day, Casimir says. And don't forget your attendees or your wedding party (you'll want them looking and feeling their best, too!). "Make sure there's cold water for you to drink, for you and your guests," she says.

Have fans and tissues handy

Having these items on the ready will help tremendously in case perspiration begins to build. Handmade paper fans can be a special touch as wedding favors, and motorized handheld fans may help even more. These are a nice way to keep cool and get some breeze in, Casimir says. Also, designate someone to keep plenty of tissues with them in case you need to dab-perhaps your MOH or one of your bridesmaids can keep a stash in her clutch for when you need them.

Wedding Program Fans to Keep Guests Cool

Pre-plan with your makeup artist

Casimir says talking with your makeup artist about your concerns beforehand is a great way to make sure you'll be photo-ready, so lean on them for guidance. "They should know what product they need to use to keep your face intact the entire day," she adds. But if you're on your own when it comes to your makeup, don't fret. You may just need to purchase some extra products. "If you're not hiring a makeup artist, make sure you get some long-wear makeup, a great primer, and a nice setting spray."

And lastly, deodorant

This is a biggie, especially if you'll be reaching your arms out to hug everyone throughout the reception. "I always have deodorant in my emergency kit, but I double up on them during summer weddings here in Florida because it is a must," Casimir says. For extra protection in case of sweat issues, she suggests another tip: "I always remind my brides to apply deodorant/antiperspirant the night before, so it clogs the sweat ducts, preventing moisture from escaping during the day," she says.

The Fully Loaded MOH Emergency Kit


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