Someone to make the coffee? Yes, please.
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Regardless of whether you moved in together before marriage or waited to take that step until after you said, "I do," living out your day-to-day with your significant other certainly has its perks. And as we've learned from these couples who have shacked up together, the perks of sharing the same four walls mostly include the small moments and details that make each and every day special. Hear what these happily married couples say are the biggest benefits of cohabitation.

Amazing Pieces of Advice from Real Couples

"I look forward to seeing my wife, Tonya, every day after work. I love the feeling I have looking forward to that oh-so-simple act of walking into our house and seeing her there," – Darin, Victoria, British Columbia, married 15 years

"We live and work from an RV – so we are never more than 25 feet from each other! [On favorite part]: We make each other laugh. Just this morning when I was in the bathroom and brushing my teeth, and he 'hid' from me. In the RV, which is hard to do ... so we laughed." – Silvana, Bellingham, Washington, married 39 years

"I always have someone to stay home [with] on a Friday night after a long week of work, and not have FOMO. It's nice to make a home-cooked meal, cuddle up, and watch Bravo." – Lauren, New York City, married 3 years

"[My husband] warms up my car, he sends me, 'How's my girl?' texts at some point every day, and if I have a long day he has dinner on the table right when I walk in the door." – Julie, Bonner Springs, Kansas, married 5 years

"[The] best part about living with my husband is that we get a chance to laugh and talk in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning without the hassle of waiting for a text or phone call." – Stephanie, Durham, North Carolina, married 4 years

"There have been years of wonderful (and not-so-wonderful moments), but on a daily basis, what I appreciate the most is the fact that he gets up early and makes the coffee. Yes, the little things matter. – Valerie, Chesapeake, Virginia, married 28 years

"The best part of living with my husband is the balance and motivation he provides. Most of the time he's laid back and relaxing, but when it's time to get something (anything) done, he's never a procrastinator and [is] always on it," – Faith, Rhode Island, married 1 year

"We did semi-long distance most of the time we were dating, living about 1.5 hours apart. Even though we've been married for two years, and living together for almost four, I still haven't gotten over the fun of getting to see him every day." – Meg, Point Pleasant, New Jersey, married 2 years

"It's great to have a teammate in life 24/7. Someone who is doing whatever they can to make your life better and vice versa. Whether it is listening to each other vent, doing chores (especially the ones you hate), helping with projects, or simply being there for one another. Nothing better in the world." – JIll, New York City, married 3 months

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