26 Mini Wedding Cakes That Are Beyond Adorable

mini cakes
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If you love cake, but aren't crazy about the traditional tiered confections that are so often served at weddings, you might want to consider downsizing. We're not talking about serving a small confection—we're talking about offering up mini wedding cakes that mimic the real thing, but amount to about the same portion of dessert you'd get from a traditional slice. The pros to these shrunken treats are limitless, but we just have to say this: They're arguably cuter than any dessert we've ever seen before.

Just take the following individual cakes from real weddings, for example. Served on scaled-to-size cake stands and decorated to the nines, these personal desserts allow each and every one of your guests to enjoy a pretty work of art—not just a slice of one. And while tiny traditional renditions exist, not all of these beauties are covered in fondant and served with toppers. As you scroll, you'll discover mini naked wedding cakes layered with just-enough frosting and adorned with fresh flowers. If you love hand-painted wedding cakes, you'll be floored by these bakers' artistry on a smaller medium.

Essentially, there's a way to render each and every one of your favorite cake trends—from colorful, to naked, to chocolate, to metallic, to drip icing—in these super-small servings. That's partly why mini wedding cakes are so appealing. They're trendy all on their own, but encapsulate other cake styles of the moment with ease. For all the tiny cake inspiration that you'll ever need, scroll through this tasty series. And be sure to book an appointment with your confectioner after you're through.

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Buttercream and Blooms

Ryan Ray

Barrel-style vanilla cakes, from Amy Cakes, were iced in a lightly-textured buttercream and topped with delicate fresh flowers.

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Cream Hued

white individual cake
Hannah Duffy

These all-white confections, by Claire Owen Cakes, blended in with the cream-colored dinnerware, bringing calming neutrality to a blue-hued tablescape.

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Chocolate Lover

chocolate cake with pink bloom
Katie Grant Photography

Lightly frosted by Cake Love Couture, these chocolatey minis were a hit with the cocoa-loving bride and groom.

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Edible Flowers

white naked cake
Sarah Hannam

This personal naked cake, by Milk Street Kitchen, was topped with colorful edible flowers and greens.

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Hand Painted

painted individual cakes
Wookie Photography

Kate Burt Cakes hand-designed these artsy confections, painted with swirling blue floral and bird motifs.

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Gold Flecked

blue mini cake
Shannon Elizabeth Photography

This robin egg-hued cake, by Flour and Flourish, was painted to look as if it were gold foiled.

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Gingerbread Apple

individual cake
Julián Ángel

These autumnal-inspired treats, by Julián Ángel of Historias del Ciervo, would be a hit at a fall wedding.

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Mini Macaroon

pink floral individual cakes
Melanie Nedelko

Topped with sugared candies and pastel pink macaroons, Dagmar Pausers' mini cakes brightened up this wedding's dessert table.

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Tiers of Mini Cakes

individual cakes display
Burgundy Blue

This chromatic, tiered cake display perfectly showcased Sugar Lab Bakeshop's turquoise confections, complete with gold dripped icing.

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Place Setting

white cake
Nancy Ray Photography

Placed on tiny gold cakes stands and calligraphed with each guest's name, these simple treats, by Cakes by Chloe, served as sweet place settings.

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Ombré Floral

mini cakes floral
Aimee Twigger

Twigg Studios garnished these pink ombré cakes, frosted in vanilla mascarpone, with colorful, edible flowers.

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Winter Berry

blue winter individual cake
Samantha Parent of Samantha Erin Photography

This dark chocolate mini from The Cocoa Cakery was topped with pine, berries, and a dash of "snow."

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Cookie Cakes

bridal shower food table
Justine Milton Photography

Look twice! These cakes are actually made from cookies. A thick swipe of pale pink icing to transforms sugar-rimmed cookies into small tiered treats.

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Edible Arrangements

white naked individual cake
Rachel May Photography

These treats, by the Candy Valley Cake Company, were a cross between a stunning floral arrangement and a mini naked cake.

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Sugar Leaf

white mini cake
Ashley Caroline

Topped with sugar leaves, this Foxfire Mountain House creation proved that simple doesn't have to be boring.

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Tiny Traditional

white mini cake
Modern Vintage Weddings

Tuscan Wedding Cakes used fondant lace and a glass bead charm to bring classic vibes to a small rendition of the couple's full-sized cake.

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Confetti Cloche

confetti cake cassi claire
Cassi Claire

This naked confetti cake, topped with ranunculus and silver dollar eucalyptus, was presented elegantly in a cloche.

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Floral Accompaniment

naked mini cakes
D'Arcy Benincosa

When served alongside lush blooms and foliage, these small, basic cakes became larger than life.

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white individual cakes
Maggie Austin Cake

Metallic gold shoots gave Maggie Austin Cakes' minis just a bit more verticality—and tied back to the gold-foil accenting throughout.

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succulent mini cakes
Eddie Judd

These mint and gold confections, from Cakes by Krishanthi, fit the bill at this cacti-themed garden wedding.

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Colorful Cacti

wedding cake cactus topper
Jenny Haas

Fondant cacti completed this red velvet and buttercream cake from Dayton Cakery.

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pink individual cakes
Love Her Photography

Niknaks Sweetest Treats added tiny cookies and pearlescent frosting to these pink confections, which were also brushed with metallic gold.

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Pretty Nonpareils

pink individual cakes
Local Is Lovely

Confetti-colored nonpareils and snips of rosemary topped these unique treats by Molly Yeh.

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Mini Individual Wedding Cake
The Hendricks Photography

Baby pink carnations made these personal wedding cakes, by Anna Cakes, even sweeter.

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Berry Mint

Erich McVey

Guests noshed on berry- and mint-topped personal cakes at this couples Alabama wedding.

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Tiny Two-Tier

gold mini cake
Alicia Swedenborg

Covered in metallic fondant and embellished with sweet pearls, this chocolate-frosted two-tier was perfect for the bride and groom.

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