Claire Ptak just opened up about the "second hardest" treat she's ever been tasked with creating.

By Chloe Gorman
December 21, 2018
Royal Wedding Cake
Credit: Getty

Claire Ptak, the designer behind Prince Harry and Megan Markle's wedding cake, has received a deluge of orders since the couple's wedding in May. One such order, she admits, was the "second hardest" of her career. As for the one that was the most challenging? Ptak is keeping quiet, but it's easy to assume that baking the royal wedding cake would be a major challenge.

The baker recently took to Instagram to show off the wedding cake that rivaled Meghan and Harry's. According to Ptak, it was commissioned by newlyweds Henry Holland and David Hodgson. Why was it so tricky? The cake was based on a sculpture by New York-based artist Will Cotton. The confection was comprised of several cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. One part of the cake features narrow cakes supporting large ones.

And though Ptak never said that the royal wedding cake was the most difficult of her career, she's previously mentioned that it was a tricky job. Ptak told Eater London in May about the difficulties of creating the Duke and Duchess' dessert. She said it was "really, really hard" to develop flavors the couple would enjoy. "I had no idea what they were looking for," she said. "They told me to think out of the box, but I included one (traditional) fruitcake option."

The royal couple ended up selecting a lemon and elderflower flavored cake. It consisted of four tiers covered in white fondant and fresh flowers. Although Ptak worried initially about her creation, she was thrilled with the final result. "Mark Flanagan (the personal chef of the queen and head chef of the royal household), who had been so welcoming and accommodating, having invited us into the kitchen at Buckingham Palace," she told the outlet, "contacted me to say that people had said it was delicious."


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