"It's just a fun, romantic thing that we do."

By Sarah Schreiber
August 15, 2019
Credit: Getty

Every year, on July 18, David and Anne Cowburn eat a little slice of their wedding cake—which was originally baked for their nuptials back in 1970. The tradition of thawing a piece of big-day dessert usually stops after the first year of marriage, but for this duo, the ritual continues to resonate, even after 49 years. "It's just a fun, romantic thing that we do," Anne told The New York Post, adding that she and David enjoy sharing wedding memories and life stories over each yearly slice.

Today, the Cowburns, who have three children and four grandchildren, still remember their celebration like it was yesterday—especially their confection. "It was a very special cake," said Anne, noting its frosted flowers and silver-leaf detailing. "And there was so much of it." That must be true, considering the fact that she and David have been noshing on its crumbs for nearly half of century.

Though it was Anne's mother who originally saved their cake–just its top tier, which she presented to the duo when they returned from their honeymoon in England—the idea to eat a bit each wedding anniversary came from the old TV show, "I've Got a Secret," which was hosted by Garry Moore. On the show, panelists were asked to guess couples' secrets (one duo admitted that they'd been eating their confection for 25 years). "That episode must have embedded into my memory," said David.

And, since you were wondering, no—neither David, a retired educational administrator, nor Anne, who worked at a bank, has ever gotten sick from this anniversary indulgence. Down to the very last crumbs, the duo will have to get creative next year: They plan to bake what's left of the confection into a new cake, in honor of 50 years of wedding bliss.


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