Men's Pocket Square

By now we've seen vintage scarves worked into weddings every which way—tied around bouquets, secured as belts, even woven into hairstyles. Imagine our glee in discovering a new option for repurposing them as pocket squares for your groom and his guys.

Photo: Raymond Hom


  • Large scarf (ideally with a 36-by-36-inch square dimension)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
Raymond Hom


1. Take the scarf and cut it into four smaller squares. In general, pocket squares are 10-by-10 inches to 16-by-16 inches, although there is no standard sizing. If you are using a 36-by-36-inch scarf, your pocket squares will be 12-by-12 inches.

Raymond Hom

2. Since most scarves have a roll-stitched hem, roll the cut edges in and do a simple hemstitch to match the other sides.

Note: They won't be exact replicas of one another-and that's part of the charm.

Raymond Hom

Tip: If you have lots of groomsmen, use multiple patterned scarves. Just select them in the same palette to keep their look cohesive.

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