Hammer? Nope. Tape measure? Don't need one. Punches? Yes!

Leaves are perfect for fall, but there are lots more shapes to choose from -- try butterflies, hearts, or circles. The key is to work within a theme, so pick something that inspired you and roll (or should we say punch) with it. Loving this leafy look? Here are the punches we used for the projects featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Weddings:

1. Martha Stewart Crafts Layering Daisy punch.

2. The Punch Bunch Mega Big Sky Flake punch.

3. Martha Stewart Crafts Hydrangea punch.

4. Martha Stewart Crafts Cornflower punch.

5. The Punch Bunch Mega Sunflower punch.

6. The Punch Bunch Mega Giant Oak Leaf punch.

7. Martha Stewart Crafts Oak Leaf punch.

8. Martha Stewart Crafts Maple Leaf punch.

9. Martha Stewart Crafts Cosmos Pop-up punch.

10. The Punch Bunch Large Grape Leaf punch.

11. Martha Stewart Crafts Double Loop Corner punch.

12. The Punch Bunch Mega Giant Birch Leaf punch.

13. The Punch Bunch Mega Rock Fern punch.

14. The Punch Bunch Mega Giant Maple Leaf punch.

15. The Punch Bunch Mega Giant Flower punch.

16. The Punch Bunch White Oak Leaf punch.

Shopping Info

Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels, for stores; The Punch Bunch, from Scrappily Ever After.

See more of our projects using punches in our Pleased as Punch gallery.


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