Consider this your fashion guide.

By Alyssa Brown
July 24, 2018
Credit: KT Merry

Selecting bridesmaids' attire is a process often fraught with questions about what's best for various body types and wedding styles. Here, we answer the inquiries we hear most often. Consider this your guide to 'maids fashion.

What's the most flattering cut for bridesmaids' dresses?

As is the case with all attire-both casual and formal-what's flattering on one body type may not be as complementary on another. Since your bridesmaids likely all have different body types, there's really no one-size-fits-all approach. Many modern bridesmaid dress brands offer a variety of cuts for one style in an attempt to suit everyone's unique shape. By sticking with the same length, fabric, style, and color, the dresses will still feel part of a group without the bride having to stress about any of the ladies being uncomfortable in their cut.

What's the best length for bridesmaids' dresses?

The answer depends on the formality of the wedding, the style of the dress, and the weather. Formal evening weddings tend to opt for full-length dresses, while a short cocktail dress is more typically suited for a casual daytime wedding. That said, the fabric, style, and color can play a big role. Full-length dresses usually look best in a flowy, breathable fabric while structural fabrics are typically used for shorter styles. Plus, you wouldn't want anyone sweating in the summer heat in a full-length gown, so the weather and time of year are big factors to consider.

How do we order a dress for a pregnant bridesmaid?

When selecting a dress for your pregnant bridesmaids, remember that they'll likely want something that's breathable, lightweight, and easy to alter at the last minute. Pregnant women generally tend to be more comfortable in a longer gown as shorter dresses may a bit too short in front. Be sure to order a few sizes up to cover belly growth in the time between purchasing the dress and attending the wedding.

Does the bride have to pick out bridesmaids' dresses?

Not necessarily. If you're not interested in trying to please all the different body types and styles in your group of bridesmaids, you might consider selecting a length and range of colors, then letting the ladies choose their own outfit to wear. You can tie it all together by adding a matching shawl, a flower crown, or other matching accessories.


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