Help your loved ones fend off the chill with these helpful tips.


There's so much to love about winter weddings (cozy décor, hearty meals, and breathtaking backdrops), but particularly blustery weather can leave the bride, groom, and their guests in a less than celebratory mood. If the weather outside is downright frightful, ward off shivers with our best warming tips. Here, eight ways to keep your loved ones warm and happy while the snow falls outside.

Thoughtful Favors

To keep everyone comfortable at your cold-weather celebration, stock your venue with blankets, wraps, mittens, or scarves that guests can use during the party and take home at the end of the night. These are especially thoughtful giveaways if any portion of your wedding will take place outdoors.

Outdoor Attire

If your wedding party is taking heading outside for photos, provide matching shawls or jackets for your bridesmaids. For the guys, consider suits made of wool and flannel, which are heavier than their linen and cotton counterparts. Choose a cloth weight between 14 and 19 ounces for the perfect balance of comfort and style; anything thicker may look and feel too bulky.

Limited Outdoor Time

Have you always imagined getting married with a snowy scene behind you? Make your dream come true, then move the celebration indoors for the rest of the evening. Guests will be much more comfortable if protected from the elements. If you're tying the knot somewhere especially chilly, look for a venue with windows that show off the scene from the inside.

Heated Transportation

If your guests must walk outside between the ceremony and reception, consider renting comfortable transportation. You'll protect everyone from the cold temperatures while also saving them from potential falls on slippery ice. Walking through the slush in high heels is never easy.

Piping Hot Drinks

Combat freezing temperatures by serving steamy beverages like mulled wine, hot chocolate, or warm apple cider. You can even create a coffee or espresso bar with various mix-ins. Guests will be especially appreciative of comforting hot drinks pre-ceremony and during cocktail hour.

Appropriate Alcohol Choices

While "warming" liquors don't actually increase body temperature, they create a feeling of warmth when consumed. Make sure your bar is fully stocked with whisky, rum, cognac, scotch, or other dark liquor options-rosé may be the drink of choice during summer nuptials, but few guests will be clinking glasses of the pink stuff in December, January, and February.

Seasonal Cuisine

Who wants to eat ice cream or a cold salad during winter? Choose warm, hearty entrées and dessert options to keep the comfortable vibe going throughout the night.

Roaring Fire

Does your venue have an indoor fireplace? To create a cozy lodge atmosphere, light the flames during the reception. Or, if the reception is outdoors, see if the venue has a fire pit-just don't forget the s'mores!


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