Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Aren't Actually Books

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Surprise attendees with one of these creative and personalized guest book alternatives.

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Odalys Mendez

When it comes to your wedding reception, you don't have to do everything by the book—especially when it comes to the guest book. Let's say you want to collect something from each guest, but a standard album doesn't suit your vision. Instead of settling for bound pages that you fear will collect dust, take a cue from the many couples who've put a creative spin on tradition. You can still gather messages in a way that feels true to you and your event, as the following examples of guest book alternatives go to show.

A unique wedding guest book—or should we say "book"—can take many forms. We've seen everything from trees to globes used in lieu of the typical item. As you'll see ahead, there are tons of options, which means you can find something that suits your celebration's theme. Aside from the medium you use, you can also have fun with what you ask revelers to share. While some opt for just signatures or well-wishes and others think of something even more unique, like questions for everybody to answer, requesting ideas for future vacations, or even advice to help them through the toughest moments in a marriage. The following ideas highlight all these possibilities and so many more.

Puzzles, postcards, picture frames—you name it, we've spotlighted it ahead. No matter what you choose for your own celebration, make it feel personalized to your relationship and nuptials. A custom wedding guest "book" is bound to be remembered and will make a fun addition to your home after the big day.

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guest book globe gold black signatures
Brandon Kidd Photography

A Good Affair grabbed this globe from Anthropologie for guests to sign at this wedding.

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Bucket List

guest book bucket list table sign
Flora + Fauna

These two asked guests to "leave a note, an idea, a plan, but most importantly, an adventure," for their bucket list-themed setup.

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wedding guest book
Bonnie Sen Photography

"We wanted something our guests could interact with that was old and vintage," this bride shared of her "book"—a typewriter attendees could jot notes down with.

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guest book post cards mailbox table
Birds of a Feather

Lady Liberty Events executed this travel-themed station, which featured Prim & Pixie postcards of different locations the couple wanted to visit. Guests chose their top recommendation, wrote a note, and stuck the cards in the mailbox.

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guest book welcome mirror wooden silhouettes
onelove photography

This couple loved silhouettes—so much so that they incorporated their own into various aspects of their wedding. That included their guest "book:" two wooden heads for revelers to write on.

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guest book record player signature
Anastasiia Photography

Love music? Have guests sign a record, like planner Kelly McWilliams did here.

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balloon paint wedding guest book
Studio Ohlala

For this celebration, Call Me Madame had the genius idea to set up a guest "book" artwork station. Attendees threw darts at these balloons and the paint inside them decorated the canvas.

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Book Cards

guest book library book cards table
Caroline Lima Photography

This librarian bride opted for library book-themed cards in lieu of a standard guest book. Kast Events & Company coordinated the display.

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guest book wine cork signatures vase glass
Amy Arrington Photography

Celebrate your passion for vino by asking revelers to sign wine corks.

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guest book hearts glass box
Ether and Smith

At this celebration, guest signed hearts laser-cut by Letters to You.

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guest book buoy lifegard signatures red
Jodi & Kurt Photography

This bride and groom met while the groom was lifeguarding. To honor their relationship's origin, he had attendees sign his rescue device.

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wedding guestbook
Lucky Malone Photography

Consider having celebrants sign pieces of fabric, which you can later stitch together for a quilt, or in this couple's case, a Christmas tree skirt!

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guest book signature wooden chair furnature
Michael + Anna Costa

A signed piece of furniture can be a welcome addition to your newlywed home.

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guest book locks keys display
Paul Francis Photography

In honor of her husband's heritage (he's from France), this bride thought to use love locks instead of a traditional guest book. Celebrants sealed their notes to this display.

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guest book watercolor map
Sally Pinera

Another travel-themed idea? Have everyone leave well-wishes on a custom map.

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guest book jenga blocks candlesticks
Stacy Hart

This bride decided to use Jenga blocks for a fun wedding guest "book."

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Christmas Ornaments

guest book christmas ornaments balls
Weddings by Nicola and Glen

For a holiday-inspired celebration, try Christmas ornaments. You can hang your loved ones' messages up for years and years to come.

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guest book heart lock wooden puzzle pieces
Yvonne Lishman

Each attendee can sign a piece, which can then become the perfect game for your coffee table. This one was by Create Gift Love.

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Max Wanger

Woodworker Chris Kitchens handcrafted an oar for guests to sign at this wedding. Instructions were set out encouraging people to leave their mark for the couple as they navigate the waters of life together.

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Alison Conklin

At this celebration, friends and family signed a century-old dictionary with colored pencils and flagged encouraging words with rainbow-hued tags, creating a meaningful, long-lasting memento for the couple.

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Life Ring

Echard Wheeler Photography

This couple set out a life ring instead of a traditional guest book for attendees to sign as a keepsake of their beach wedding.

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Water Skiis

Leo Patrone Photography

Since they love to water ski, this couple used a pair they found antiquing to serve as their guest book.

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Jose Villa

Pre-stamped envelopes were set up on this antique writing desk so guests could mail their well-wishes to the couple.

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Kirsten Ellis

These newlyweds invited guests to express their creativity using blank cards and colored pens and pencils.

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Message Board

Erin Kunkel

The bride's sister created a message board with 30 mini envelopes to hold messages from guests. The brides chose 30 because they plan to read one message a year for the next 30 years of their marriage. On the other side is photo, which is currently displayed in the couple's bedroom.

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Anniversary Gift

3 deseos y medio

This couple planned on opening their "guest book" on on their fifth anniversary. Each card was placed in a tin box and asked the question: "Do you think we will manage to wait five years to read this? Mark yes or no."

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Josh Gruetzmacher

Instead of a guest book, the couple's vows, wedding date, and signatures of all the guests were put on a scroll, which is now matted and framed in the couple's home.

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Ashley Garmon

The graphic artist behind WeCan, Ok!, created an "I remember when ... " template for guests to fill in fun stories and memories about the bride and groom. The papers were attached to hanging ribbons and displayed at the reception.

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At this event, small booklets filled with questions about the couple were set at each table for guests to pass around and fill out during the reception.

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Katie Stoops

This bride's brother painted a canvas black and guests used gold pens to write out their sentiments. The couple kept the board and hung it in the lounge of their home.

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Charlie Juliet Photography

A poster designed by the bride incorporated this wedding's colors and took the place of a traditional guest book. It was printed on archival paper with UV-resistant inks to ensure it lasts well beyond the wedding date.

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Jen Huang

Guests at this wedding filled out Mad Libs-style cards printed with such prompts as "In 15 years, the couple will likely be ..." instead of a guest book.

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Picture Frame

Millie Holloman

This groom's father made a frame out of recycled wood for guests to sign at the beginning of the reception. It framed a typography print of all the places the couples' families have lived, starting with their grandparents' generation.

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Wine Bottle

Lisa Lefkowitz

For their Napa Valley wedding, this couple had their guests write special notes on large bottles of locally-produced Duckhorn wine.

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Ballot Box

Abby Jiu Photography

In honor of their DC wedding, this couple created a ballot box for guests to drop notes into. The box was printed with the couple's motto, "everything always works out."

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Olivia Leigh Photographie

The couple used the same painted artwork of the church that was used in their programs in a framed and matted display at the reception. Guests signed the frame, and it now hangs in the couple's home.

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Gia Canali

This wedding encouraged guests to hang tags with well-wishes and marriage advice from an olive tree. Create something similar, collect the notes, and then plant the tree in your yard.

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