A Millennial's Guide to Using Crystals on Your Wedding Day

Keep the positive energy flowing with the help of these meaningful stones.

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On your wedding day, you're going to want all the good vibes the universe has to offer. Since there are several elements that are (unfortunately) outside of your control-the weather, no-show guests, last-minute cancellations-you might be open to trying just about anything to get that positive energy flowing your way. If so, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, the co-founders of Energy Muse and co-authors of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, want to put crystals on your radar.

Intrigued by the idea of harnessing all that good energy before, during, and after your wedding, we tapped Askinosie and Jandro for their insight into the expansive world of crystals. Turns out, it's rooted in more science than you'd think. "Crystals, known for their orderly structure, emit energy that remains at a constant frequency, and, when placed near a body emitting at a lower frequency, they encourage that body to match its higher frequency," they explain. "On the most basic level, when you're feeling low, bringing a crystal into your energy field helps to lift you up." Best of all, they say crystal energy can help you on your wedding day. Want a calm, serene, love-filled ceremony? There's a stone for that. Planning an upbeat, dance-centric reception? There's a crystal for that, too.

Here, Askinosie and Jandro's advice for using these energy carriers on your big day.

Different crystals signify and encourage different emotions.

You'll have to choose a crystal that "represents the intention and energy you want to feel on your wedding day," says the duo. "Is it love? Choose Rose Quartz. Is it passion? Choose Garnet. Is it joy? Choose Citrine. Let whichever crystal you choose represent your intention for this important day, and if you begin to stray from it, let it take you back."

There are even stones to help you combat pre-wedding stress.

If you're in the planning phase-oftentimes marked by anxiety and stress-look to soothing stones, like Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Celestite, and Fluorite to evoke peace and relaxation. "If your mind is keeping you up at night with all the things you need to do, place a piece of Selenite near your bed or over your body before you go to sleep to clear, cleanse, and calm your energy field," Askinosie and Jandro explain.

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Consider adding crystals to your personal wedding flowers.

This way, the stones will be in range (and hard at work!) on your big day. "Crystals love to be with flowers," the crystal gurus continue. "A small piece of programmed Quartz crystal is the perfect touch to any boutonnière." As for the bridal bouquet? Add a piece of Rose Quartz, Peridot, Malachite, or Watermelon Tourmalin to the ribbon wrap to bring positive energy with you down the aisle.

Or involve them in virtually any aspect of your décor.

Dress up place cards with individual crystals that double as favors-on the back of each card, list the crystal's special energy to share the knowledge of energy with your guests. Alternatively, use large crystal clusters or geodes to craft sculptural centerpieces that bring positive vibes to each and every tablescape. "We love to use Clear Quartz, white- or peach-toned Apophyllite, or Selenite to bring positive, high vibrational energy to the middle of the table," the duo reveal. That's certainly one way to get everyone in the dancing mood!

Thank your wedding party with crystal gifts.

At her own wedding, Askinosie sent her bridesmaids home with personalized crystals. "I gave all my single bridesmaids a Rose Quartz and my married bridesmaids Moonstone (to promote fertility). Within a year, all of those single bridesmaids were engaged and my married bridesmaids were well on their way to expanding their family," she shares. As for that tricky mother-in-law present? "Ocean Jasper makes a beautiful gift for your in-laws to nurture their spirit and bring the families together," she adds.

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Choose your crystals based on your wedding style.

The crystals found at a black-tie wedding (Quartz) shouldn't be the same stones that appear at a bohemian-inspired fête (Amethyst), says Askinosie and Jandro. If you're getting married on the beach, opt for Aquamarine for "fluidity, tranquility, and peace." Throwing a romantic garden ceremony? Consider Moonstone-it's the stone of fertility, harmony, and destiny.

Take crystals with you into married life.

After the wedding, bring a twin crystal into your home to celebrate your new marriage, advise Askinosie and Jandro. "A twin crystal occurs when two crystal points grow from and share the same body. This crystal formation is rare and brings an energy that enhances and assists with building relationships," they said. "For a newly married couple, this crystal will help to deepen and strengthen your existing relationship. Set your intention together as a couple and have this crystal reside in your bedroom or living room."

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