23 Seasonal Summer Wedding Favors

favors folded fans in basket
Christina Karst

It's easy to fall in love with the idea of a summer wedding. The longer days and warmer weather put almost everybody in a celebratory mood. If you're planning a nuptial affair in the season, you'll want to capitalize on the good vibes. The best way to do just that? By spreading them further with the help of seasonal wedding favors. Lucky for you, we've got a ton of great inspiration for thanking your summertime guests.

For all of summer's splendor, there are a few annoyances, too. Take the heat, which is only enjoyable to a point. With this in mind, it's never a bad idea to theme your gifts around attendee comfort. Want to protect celebrants from the sun? Try sunglasses, hats, or umbrellas. Worried about insects crashing the party? Bug spray's a good option. Does the forecast predict super high temps? Fans can cool everybody down. Presents like these will ensure your revelers enjoy watching you wed.

Other fun options include beach totes and luggage tags, which guests can use later while on summer vacations. Or, you can turn to the season's bounty—summer flowers and fruit provide additional possibilities. As you can see, there are a whole bunch of opportunities when it comes to presenting your invitees with tokens of gratitude. Get inspired even further by clicking ahead and learning about all of our favorite summer wedding favors. These recommendations will help you throw the best summer celebration, all while fully embracing your big day's June, July, August, or September date.

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favors hats wall clothesline clothespins
Anna Roussos

Fun hats will keep guests shaded during an outdoor celebration, but they'll last way longer than that. The Twelve Events styled this favor display.

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avril quy wedding new york matchboxes
Jessica Antola

Bring back the sparklers of childhood summers for a fun favor that doubles as exit décor. These ones from Wedding Sparklers Outlet were cheekily tagged "you're hot!"

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Shot Glasses

favors shot glasses names
Abby Grace

At this summer event, each guest was gifted the ultimate tequila shot: a lime, some booze, and a personalized glass made of Himalayan salt. Grit & Grace dreamt up the idea and Laura Hooper Calligraphy wrote each attendee's name.

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Luggage Tags

escort card board laser cut
Birds of a Feather

Travel accessories will serve them for summer vacations to come. Lady Liberty Events was responsible for this wall of luggage tags.

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favors honey jars wooden crates
Brumley & Wells

Tons of honey is harvested during the summer, so you'll have no trouble sourcing these yummy favors.

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favors red koozies woman beer
Kristine Herman Photography

No one likes a sweating can—good thing that can be avoided! Koozies can be carried throughout a casual summer affair, and then used well into the future. You're That Girl Designs provided these ones.

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lavender scent
Greg Finck

Lavender is a summertime bloom and the smell is oh-so soothing. Gift the scent in spray form—Clementine Weddings made the decorative bags that housed these favors.

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avril quy wedding new york cherry favors
Jessica Antola

Fresh summer fruit is obviously tasty, but these bagged cherries proved how pretty it can be, too.

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Amber Gress

You may associate mugs with the colder months (hello, hot chocolate). Camp cups, however, will transport attendees back to their summer sleepaway days. These ones were filled with kid-friendly snacks, only furthering the theme.

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plant cupcake wedding favor succulent seating card
Blush Wedding Photography

Sturdy plants—like these Balconi succulents with Fox & Flourish calligraphy—are bound to withstand the heat.

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favors table outdoors bags monograms
Matteo Crescentini

Personalized tote bags (like these, dreamt up by by Chiara Scuito) will be a perfect addition to their summer plans for beach days and picnics.

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cassandra ben wedding california hankies
Amy & Stuart Photography

For a favor that's practical, give guests handkerchiefs. The detail will be extra helpful during warm (or emotional) ceremonies. Sweat and tears, be gone.

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Beach Balls

beach ball escort cards
KT Merry

Give the gift of endless fun in the sun by presenting your revelers with beach balls. Laura Hooper Calligraphy customized these ones.

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Flip Flops

Blue flip flop wedding favors at an outdoor summer wedding
KT Merry

Is your ceremony in a sandy or grassy location? Save your guests the trouble of sinking into the ground or sifting all that dirt out of their shoes by offering flip flops.

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Elegant outdoor wedding ceremony with paper fans
Anna Roussos

If you know your outdoor ceremony is going to be smack dab in the middle of a heat wave, don't skimp on the preparation. A good place to start? Paper fans on every seat.

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Sunglasses wedding favors and escort cards
onelove photography

Keep all eyes on you (and away from any glares) with a favor idea that's fun and useful at the same time, like these sunglasses turned escort cards.

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Bottle Openers

Bright lobster bottle opener wedding favors
Brklyn View Photography

These nautical bottle openers were cute and quirky. Whether or not your bar is self-serve, guests will be sure to use similar gifts all summer long.

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Individual smore wedding favors
Kate Anfinson Photography

There's no wedding idea more quintessentially summery than s'mores. Individually-wrapped favors will not only add an extra something sweet to the big day, they'll also help guests keep that blood sugar up for a night of dancing.

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Mason Jars

Mason jar wedding favors and signature cocktails
Melanie Duerkopp

Not only are signature cocktails a great wedding idea, but you can also add a little more oomph to your beverages by turning each drinking glass into a wedding favor. Guests can sip lemonade (and whatever else) from them for the rest of the summer.

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Gray and white blanket wedding favors
Anna Roussos

Sometimes the sunset can lead to a significant weather shift. Cozy blanket favors like these will accomodate the temp drop.

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Bug Spray

Personal bug spray wedding favors for summer weddings
Photography By Loren

Your guests will be forever indebted to you for this favor idea: individual bottles of bug spray. This gift is a lifesaver at outdoor events where mosquitos may be an issue!

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Umbrella wedding favors for an outdoor beach wedding
Sean Cook Weddings

These wedding favors are definitely something your guests can put to use on the big day itself, especially if you're expecting clear skies. Umbrellas (or parasols) keep everyone under shade, and they look pretty fun in photos, too.

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Custom wedding flask wedding favors
The Happy Bloom

Another vehicle for celebratory adult beverages is always a good idea when it comes to summer weddings. These custom flasks fit the bill beautifully.

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