Make sure the effort—and money—you're putting is worth the return.

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Credit: KT Merry

We love a good DIY project as much as the next person. After all, is there anything quite as rewarding as seeing all the hard work you put into something pay off? We love when a project can be put to good use as a personalized detail at your wedding, but we've also seen many a bride start to go a little crazy with too many projects and not nearly enough time on her hands. If you're thinking it might be time to ditch a project or two, you may be right. Here are a few signs to look out for so you can call it quits at the right time.

You're losing sleep in the name of your DIY project.

Losing sleep is detrimental for anyone, but especially a bride-to-be who wants to look her very best on the big day. No one wants to feel exhausted walking down the aisle at her wedding.

Your project has taken on a life of its own.

If your craft has taken over your entire house or apartment, or your hands are constantly covered in paper cuts, paint, glue or some other crafting remnants, it's time to take a step back and think about the project. And if you find that you're cancelling appointments, dates with friends, or skipping your work to complete the DIY, meaning it's officially taken up the largest chunk of your days, it's time to let it go.

You're not even sure if you'll use whatever it is you're working on.

If you have no idea what you'll even use a project for, it's time to put down the glue gun. Put your time, money, and patience towards something you have real intentions of displaying on your big day.

You're going over budget with your project and don't see an end in sight.

Would it have been more affordable to hire a professional to complete this project? Can you cut your losses and call in a pro now and still spend less than the price it would cost for you to finish? If so, it's time to give this DIY up.

You're dreading completing the task.

Whether it's because you have too many projects going on at a time, you don't know how to complete it in a way that you'll like the results, or because you're just not excited about the project anymore, then it's perfectly acceptable to throw in the towel. Stop the madness and put your efforts elsewhere.


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