An astrologer shares the auspicious dates associated with the new year.
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If you've been waiting for the stars to align before you start planning your 2019 wedding, then you're in luck: That time is now. We spoke to astrologer Nadiya Shah about the luckiest days to get married in the new year, and based on her reading, there's good news on the horizon for anyone trying to tie the knot on an auspicious date. "2019 is a much better year to get married than 2018 was," she says, adding that tying the knot when Venus (the Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility) is in the sky is always a good idea. Here, Shah outlines some great date ranges-including the single luckiest date of the year-for your wedding, plus a few times to avoid if you're at all superstitious.

The luckiest dates to get married in 2019.

According to Shah, there are number of great dates for 2019 weddings, and they even coincide with some of the most popular months for weddings. If you're looking for a little extra luck, set the date for the first three weeks of April, May 15 through June 10, and September 15 through October 10. These are the periods when Venus is in the signs that she "likes" to be in, which will bring forth her best qualities of love, joy, and true understanding.

But if you're looking for Shah's favorite wedding date for 2019, it's coming up sooner than you think. According to the pro, January 19, 2019, may be the most auspicious wedding date of the year. It falls within the time period before Venus meets Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck. There will also be a growing, or waxing, moon during this time. "The moon is considered a symbol of home, and ideally you would want a home life that grows strong as the bond continues," she adds.

Some times of year to avoid.

Shah explains retrograde as the time when a planet appears to move backwards in the sky. "This is an optical illusion for those of us on Earth, but it becomes a powerful symbol of slowing down, reflecting on the past, going over old ground, and making sure you like how things are before you move forward again," Shah says. She adds that a planet in retrograde means that there may be some details being overlooked that will be discovered in time. When you look at this energy as it pertains to love, it becomes clearer why you would want a date associated with a "strong, forward moving Venus."

"A Venus retrograde time encourages us to ask, 'Do I love this person?' That is the primary purpose of any Venus retrograde season. You want to have that question comfortably answered at the time you are exchanging vows," Shah explains. But it's important to note that while astrologers don't consider a Venus retrograde season to be an ideal time to get married, it in no way means that your union is doomed if that's the date you've set.


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