You might want to skip that dramatic eye.
Bridal Makeup Trial

If there's one request most makeup artists frequently hear from their bridal clients, it's that they don't want to look too overdone on the wedding day. The problem is that "overdone" means different things to different people. Instead of throwing this blanket phrase at your artist, explain what you're really looking for. Here, we offer tips on how to ensure you end up with the light, natural look you want.

Be Clear at Your Trial

One of the best things you can do to explain your style to your makeup artist is to bring a few different photos of yourself to the makeup trial. This gives your pro the opportunity to see what you like to look like on a date night, in another person's wedding, or in your everyday life. Not only will this help your artist to understand your comfort zone, but it will also give them an idea of how much you like to vary your style. Then, if you show your pro an inspiration photo that you think you might want to replicate on the big day, they'll know whether or not it's in sharp contrast to what you typically like and will have a better idea of how to create a look you'll love.

Choose the Right Foundation

If your definition of overdone makeup is like most women's, it will include heavy, cakey foundation. Don't be afraid of this base layer though-by trying multiple products during a trial, you'll be able to identify the right level of coverage for you. Brides who never wear foundation at all often feel most comfortable with tinted moisturizers or CC cream, both of which look and feel light while evening out skin tone.

Skip the Smoke

Heavy eye makeup is very noticeable, so if you're trying to avoid look too done up, a smoky eye on your wedding day is a bad move. Work with your makeup artist to create an eye look that will accentuate your eye color without being over-the-top. If you are doing your own makeup, choose light, shimmery tones for shadows and a mascara that adds a little bit more drama than your everyday look.

Go Light on the Lip

Wearing a bold or bright lipstick on your wedding day just won't feel natural if it's not something you often choose for yourself. The good news is that lip gloss or a sheer lipstick can provide enough color to make your look special without making you feel like an entirely different person.


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